Playdate 3-1: In the backseat of the car (take 1)

It was exactly at national dinnertime that we picked Master R and Dena up from there home to go out on our play date. Both Dena and I were dressed in skirts, tops and jackets, stockings, garter belts and boots. No underwear. ‘Fully accessible’ was the order I got from Master T earlier that day. Dena got the same order from Master R. We greeted each other, Master R’s bag was put in the back of the car and then we were ready to get in the car. I thought that Dena and I would sit in the back seat again the same as with our last date. But, I should not have thought anything at all. Dena got into the car next to Master T and Master R got into the car next to me, in the backseat.

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I smiled. This was an interesting twist of events, but still I had no idea what was about to happen. We were not driving for long when Master T remarked on Dena’s stockings. I noticed that they were clearly visible under her skirt and that she had her legs spread. It might have been at that moment that I realized that I was modestly keeping my legs together and that maybe I should spread my legs too. I pulled my skirt up to reveal the top of my stockings and made a remark on it. Dena touched the metal clips, remarking on it too. Master R was smiling and I thought I saw approval in His eyes.

He bent forward and ran His hand up my thigh towards my naked pussy. I was wet, ready to be touched. Master R shoved one finger right into me. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on the feeling. Forgive me for not remembering the sequence of events from here on. This time I did not take any notes, so you will have to trust my memory. I just surrendered to the different feelings – what I felt, what I heard, what I saw. Master R kissed me. A deep, passionate kiss. While kissing me He fingered me and rubbed my clitoris. I heard my own loud breathing. He pinched my nipples. Hard, making my back arch to try and ease the pain. When I pushed my legs back together again He told me to keep them spread. He bit my nipples, pushed His finger into me again and added another finger. I spread my legs wider to accept both of them and pushed against His fingers. He kissed me again, pinched my nipples again. He slapped my tits and slapped my cunt. He slapped my face and had His hand on my throat and I just loved the power I felt that He had over me at that moment. Somewhere in all this I also asked for permission to climax. I was surprised when I squirted and felt my skirt underneath me get wet.

I remember that somewhere during all this I noticed that Master T had His hand between Dena’s legs. At that time I was leaning over Master R, His cock in my mouth after He had undone His pants. I smiled. It was a nice sight from where I was sitting. I liked to see Master T touching Dena so intimately. And I love hearing the sounds that Dena made as she came closer and closer to orgasm and even more so when she climaxed. I had no idea how I would feel when I would see Master T pleasuring another woman, but at that moment I had no doubts at all: I loved it!

After a quick dinner at a roadhouse – a dinner that could definitely not be described as a culinary masterpiece – we continued our drive to our destination.
“Do you now understand why your clothes had to be easily accessible?” Master T asked just before we got back into the car and I nodded with a smile.

On the last leg of our trip – that lasted less than half an hour – more sounds of sex filled the car. Dena had another orgasm, I had another. My nipples were pinched and bitten, my pussy fingered. By the time we stopped at our destination, I was very horny and definitely ready for more.

To be continued… Playdate 3-2: The venue

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