Our Eroticon 2013 weekend: Saturday evening + Sunday

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Saturday evening: Aural sex
Harper Elliot has organized this evening of reading entertainment, where 9 delegates had the opportunity to read their work. I can write an entire piece about this, but I think it’s better to let Harper tell us about the evening, as she has written a thorough review of it. Thank you Harper for organizing this evening. It was wonderful!

Oh, and there was some girl kissing too this evening, which means I have accomplished number 69 on my 101 things in 1001 days list. And you know what? I want more of that…

London, 2&3 March 2013
London, 2&3 March 2013

So let’s get on with day 2 of Eroticon 2013, which yet again started out with something to drink, some cookies and a welcome word by Ruby Kiddell.

Day 2: Session 1: Anthologies panel by Maxim Jakubowski, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse and Rachel Kramer Bussel
The editors panel answered questions coming from the delegates and made clear what their different preferences were when submitting your work to them. Remittance Girl has summed the main points up perfectly in her post about this session.
Some tips from this session:
* Start with a punch , end with a bang (Maxim Jakubowski)
* Follow the ERWA blog for submission calls
* Don’t try to make your story fit into a submission call. Just keep on writing if it goes the other way and do something else with it.

Day 2: Session 2: Diversity 3: Getting the language of sex right by Justin Hancock
I expected something totally different from this session than we got, but looking back on it, it did open my mind for some different subjects in my writing. We were divided into smaller groups and had to write words answering the question: what does erotic media have to say about gender identities / sexual identities / races / ages / abilities. I am not good with this at all, as I mostly need some time to think. By the time I could think of some words, the rest were already done. The next exercise was to create a porn story, but make it different from cliche porn. Our story included a paraplegic in bed and three of his friends perform sex in front of him for his sexual pleasure. I was a bit disappointed with the session, but once I started thinking about it, I realized I could take something positive from it: thinking out of the box.

Day 2: Session 3: SEO love by Michael Knight
Thanks to Michael I took the step to start my self-hosted blog just more than a year ago. At that moment I had quite some knowledge of HTML but I knew absolutely nothing about SEO. It still sometimes confuse me, but this session of Michael taught me new things yet again. In the meantime I have started using Google analytics (wow, it’s really cool to watch the real time clicks!) and I still have some other links that were discussed in the session to explore.

Day 2: Session 4: Tools of the BDSM Trade by Michael Knight and Molly Moore
There was no way we were going to miss this session. Not because we are unfamiliar with BDSM tools, but we just wanted to be there and watch Molly and Michael interact together. This was a great session with a flogging demonstration from Michael (Molly kept on repeating that they were willing to demonstrate if anyone wanted to see anything) and there were even some volunteers for the misery stick. And yes, Master T now is the proud owner of his very own misery stick.
Tips for websites to visit:
* Two Knotty Boys
* St. Leather
* Candle review by BeingBlackSilk

Day 2: Session 5: Sex and the Media by Zoe Margolis () and Nichi Hodgson
I really wanted to hear Zoe Margolis speak, but I sat in this session with mixed feelings as the vibe was quite negative. I think it would be better if positive solutions were given in how to handle the media, when you get to talk to them. The message we actually got was that if ever the media wants to talk to us, it will be a negative experience. I tend to try and look for positive things in every session and will do so with this one too. One thing I will keep in the back of my mind is something Zoe said: when approached by the media, talk to them, but go there with your viewpoint in mind and 5 bullet points to support it. Stick with this and be sex positive.

Closing plenary of Eroticon 2013 by Cindy Gallop
This was another time that technology was used, as Cindy Gallop was not in the room with us, but speaking to us via an internet connection on Google Hangouts. She is an inspired speaker and I like her positive attitude to sex, sexuality and porn. However, it moved away from writing and erotic fiction and was more about the porn industry, writing business plans and making profits. All I want to do is write and I think I will leave the writing of business plans to my Husband.

We do have some suggestions for next year’s Eroticon:

  1. Repetitive sessions – there were so many sessions I wanted to attend, but because three sessions were run per time slot, I had to make a choice. Repetitive sessions might be a solution for this.
  2. 60 minute sessions instead of 45 minute sessions – we had a feeling that all the speakers could have used another 15 minutes per session.
  3. Handouts – it would be nice to get handouts after each session.
  4. More active writing workshops (I might have felt different about this if I have attended Kristina Lloyd‘s workshop
  5. Recording all sessions so delegates can listen to sessions they could not go to.

And that concludes my write-up of our very first Eroticon. Thank you Ruby for organizing this and an excellent weekend!

We have met some wonderful people this weekend. Meeting Molly and Michael, Curious Muse, Remittance Girl, Rachel Kincaid, Ruby Goodnight, Harper Elliott and Mina LaMieux and having dinner with them on Sunday evening because we were just not up to saying goodbye just yet, was brilliant. There are so many people we have met and spoken to, so many we still want to meet and so many people we definitely want to see again. It was a fantastic weekend!

Yes, Master T and I will attend Eroticon 2014 too. And probably also 2015, 2016, 2017… you get it 😉

Will we meet YOU there?

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