Our Eroticon 2013 weekend: Friday

Friday: Departure and arrival
We left very early on Friday morning, flew out right on time at 7.05am and landed in London at 7am, local time. By 7.30am we were on the train heading into London and after battling the rush hour crowds we arrived at Waterloo station. At 9am we were at our hotel and luckily they had a room ready for us immediately. We did not count on this, so it definitely was a very nice surprise! The hotel was beautiful, the people ever so friendly and helpful. Our room was perfect too. Once our bags were unpacked, we were entirely ready to conquer London. Not even the grey weather (no rain) and cold wind could keep us from doing that.

Lunch with Annie Player
We strolled down the Queen’s Walk next to the Themes and frequently stopped to make photos. My Husband is not much of a traveler and seeing Him making photos really was great, as to me it meant He was enjoying Himself. After strolling for about two hours, we decided it was time to have something to drink. We still had an hour to kill before we would meet Annie Player for lunch. As some of you know I am the Area Manager for Erotic Meet Creative Arts (EMCA) in the Netherlands and since EMCA is Annie’s brainchild, I just had to meet her. There was no way I was going to leave London without having seen her. Now, believe me when I tell you she is such a beautiful person, sexy, funny, bubbly and great company! We had lunch together, talked and laughed a lot and actually, we could have spent the entire afternoon together, was it not that we already had other plans for the afternoon. Next time we see Annie, we will definitely spend more time together!

The Whisky Exchange
Yes, this is what we had to do after we met Annie. This was the only opportunity we had during the weekend for my Husband to expand His whisky collection. Yes, we had a shopping day planned for Monday, but that did not include shopping for whisky. Master T was very happy with his new purchase. From the Whisky Exchange we returned to our hotel to rest after a day of much walking and looking forward to an evening of new meeting friends.

Pre-conference drinks
At last it was time for the first official part of Eroticon 2013. Molly has arranged for those who were interested to meet at the Novotel on Blackfriars Road for drinks. That way people could meet each other before the conference started.

We were the first to arrive at the venue, since we were going to have dinner with Rose. We were just done with dinner when a man walked towards our table and greeted Rose. We were introduced to Matt, the developer of the Tease game. I have heard about the game before, but now that I have met Matt, I also want the game! It sounds like huge fun.

As people walked in and out, I was watching out for one person: Molly. She recognized me by my tattoo and wow, the hug I got. It was so very special, so special! Molly was everything I thought she would be and more. And sexy as hell! Those hot pants had me staring almost all the time… Oh, and we met so many other people that evening. I did not get an opportunity to talk to everyone there and unfortunately the rest of the weekend I still did not get to talk to some people whom I really wanted to meet and talk to. Sometimes I just felt too shy to walk up to them and sometimes I just did not see them again or were engaged in conversations with others. But there’s always next year.

London, 2&3 March 2013
London, 2&3 March 2013

People I met on Friday night and who I simply loved spending time with was Molly, DomSigns, Curious Muse, Ruby Goodnight, Remittance Girl, Harper Elliot, Decadent Whisper, Ruby Kiddell, Lady Pandorah, Being Blacksilk, Emma Whispers, Jilly Boyd and her boyfriend, Innocent Loverboy. Later that evening Mina LaMieux also joined us. It really was wonderful to see the everyone, to put faces to the names, to hear their voices, to see the expression on their faces when they talked. This gives a much more complete picture of people than you get when you only talk to them on Twitter. The Friday evening was a wonderful evening of fun and laughter and lots of love!

We retired to our hotel at about 11pm, since we had to be up again early in the morning for the first day of Eroticon 2013.

To be continued… Our Eroticon weekend: Saturday

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7 thoughts on “Our Eroticon 2013 weekend: Friday

  1. I LOVED the first hug… I was so happy to finally meet you. There is no way we got to spend nearly as much time together as I would have liked but hey, it was a start 😉


  2. Hi Rebel,
    That’s awesome to read that your husband is a whisky collectioneur! I’m a great whisky lover as well and I published a book about whisky. I will send you further details about the book by email. In the meantime: have a great time in London.

    1. Our time in London was absolutely fabulous. We really enjoyed it a lot, and my Husband bought three nice bottles of whisky – two for the collection and one to drink 🙂

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