Kink of the week is the new meme by Jade of Kink and Poly. When I learned about this new meme, I knew I would try to join every week. I love to write when prompted about a specific subject and that is just what the Kink of the Week meme is all about.

I look up and find Him looking at me. There’s a glint in His eyes to which my body instantly reacts. He holds my gaze for what feels like minutes. The only movement He makes is beckoning me with His finger to come to Him. I stand up, walk to Him and wait. He takes my hand and pulls. I allow Him to guide me towards His lap. My head rests on the couch next to Him. He pushes my skirt up, baring my backside. I am not wearing any panties. Slowly He ran His hand over my buttocks, touching me softly. My muscles tense. His soft touch continues. The first smack comes unexpectedly, just as my muscles relax. I tense again. More smacks rain down on my bottom. I feel the sting of His flesh on mine and then the soft touch as He caressed my ass again. I sigh happily as the spanking continues, fight the hurt, feel His soft touch, feel the hurt again, fight it more and then surrender… I am His to be used.


I wish this could happen on a frequent basis, but unfortunately with both of us working fulltime and with the kids around at times when we are home too, we are quite limited. The children have already asked questions about the sounds, so we keep the spanking at home to a minimum. Which is such a shame.

I grew up in a time when corporal punishment in schools and at home were still accepted. I hated being spanked by my father and in school I hated having my hands hit with a ruler when I had to be punished. In my adult life, the first time I was spanked again, was by Master T. You should think that I would have hated it, due to my childhood experiences. But I loved it. I wanted more. And I wanted longer spankings, not only a couple of slaps on my backside.

My ass after the second spanking by Master R
(click to enlarge)

The first time I had a proper spanking in a D/s setting was during one of our playdates with Master R and Dena. I had – if I remember correctly – two spankings that weekend and I loved both. During the second one I managed to relax and just accept the blows heating up my backside. I would love to have such an experience with Master T. Over and over again. He still spanks me at times, but mostly we have to stop after a couple of slaps. I look forward to the day that He will spank me while I lie across His lap.

I love being spanked. I love feeling the sting on my buttocks. I love how my body fight it at first; how my mind fight it. How I try to get away from the sting while at the same time I want it. Thinking back on the spankings that Master R gave me, I remember that many things were going on in my mind. At first I was fighting it and doubting whether I would be able to handle it. I wanted to get away from the hurt, but I stayed where I was. I felt the excitement in my body. I was wet. One part of my brain was fighting the hurt, the other part was registering how much I liked it. And there was another part that told me to relax. It told me that I can handle it, that I should surrender. This was the part that I eventually listened to and which had me enjoying the warm, burning sensation on my backside.

spankingimplI love impact play. I detest the cane. I have a love-hate relationship with some whips. I love to be spanked by a bare hand, even though that hurts a lot too. Even though I know that technically canes and whips can also be used for a spanking, to me they are for a…  eh, yes… a whipping or a caning. But a paddle? Yes, that I would add to the implements that can be used for a spanking. The same with a hairbrush or a back scratcher. We have used a paddle before, but not as much as we would like too, also because of the noise. I liked when the paddle impacted on my bum, but if I was allowed to choose between a paddle or His bare hand, I will definitely choose His hand.

There is something intimate about skin on skin. The feeling of surrender, the feeling of being used, knowing that the spanker is watching as my skin turns red – that all turns me on. I love the delicious feeling of warmth on my backside. Seeing my red buttocks after a spanking turns me on even more. It makes me feel proud. Why proud? Because I have submitted myself to Him, to His hand, to His will. The only time I know I won’t like a spanking and when I will not feel proud to see the redness of my skin, is if the spanking was a punishment. Up to now, Master T has punished me in other ways, but I can never exclude the possibility of Him spanking me because I have to be punished.

I frequently fantasize about Master T spanking me. What I wrote above, is something that plays through my mind a lot. I know this is a fantasy that will become reality and maybe it will happen quicker than I anticipate. Some days a spanking is all I can think about. I want it. I want to surrender to Him. To submit to Him. To feel used by Him. I want to feel the delicious sting of my backside. I want to hear my own moans and want to feel how I go from fighting it to accepting it. I want to become one with the hurt. I want to feel the warmth of my ass when He’s done. I want to feel His arms around me and hear the words: good girl.

Yes, I crave a spanking…

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12 thoughts on “Spanking

  1. I’m so with you on the noise factor; it is very hard to accommodate when you share a house with small people.

    Skin-on-skin? Wonderful. Although I must confess I am not at all averse to implements! 🙂

    Jane xxx

  2. I love the heat, the throbbing warmth of the skin on my arse after it has been spanked and then if her gently strokes it afterwards that just seems to play a delicious game of contrasts with my body, a feeling I ADORE. I love this post, yet again we share so many thoughts


  3. So many of the things you said about spanking resonate with me, in particular where your mind goes, from fighting to acceptance. I go through a similar arc of emotions myself.

    And I, too, fantasize about being spanked. I had forgotten that part, how I can fantasize just about the spanking – not even anything sexual – and bring myself to orgasm with it. Mmm, now I will have that in my mind!

    Thank you so much for joining in this week! I look forward to reading more! 😀

    1. I have been fantasizing about spanking ever since I saw your Sinful Sunday pic and the first subject for Kink of the Week. Thanks for starting such a great meme!

      Rebel xox

  4. Great post! I think I will try to “go from fighting it to accepting it” as you say and see how that feels – you make it sound delicious!

  5. Beautiful fantasy, and I’m quite sure it’ll become a reality as well. Oddly enough, it surprised me to read this: I had assumed that spanking happened often with you guys – which shows just how new I am to reading about your exploits.

    1. Spanking does happen often enough, but not for long enough. Sometimes He slaps my ass a couple of times and then He has to stop because of the noise. He can only really spank me when we are on a playdate or together in a hotel room, and those do not happen every week, unfortunately. I wish they did…

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