Fantasy: Nipple torture and girl love

I was between orgasms, pinching and pulling my nipples as ordered by Master T, looking down towards my spread legs and watching His hand on my pussy when suddenly I had an image in my mind. A delicious image, if I may add. Yes, in a flash, I fantasized about Dena and something I would love to experience with her. Ever since then I could not stop thinking about it. I just had to write it!

This is my fantasy…

During yet another meeting with Master R and Dena, Dena and I end up on the bed. Dena is on her back in the middle of the bed. I am next to her, kissing her and softly cupping one of her breasts in my hand. I stop kissing her and push myself up on my elbow, bending my head down and taking one of her nipples in my mouth while I fondle the other between my fingers. I know Master T and Master R are watching but I also hear them busy with something that sounds like steel on steel.

nippletortureI pay no more attention to the sounds behind me, but I do pay special attention to Dena’s nipples. Kissing them. Nibbling lightly. Sucking them softly into my mouth. I kiss my way down her stomach towards her crotch. Dena reaches for me, but I move out of reach. I want this to be about her, I want to please her. I am on my knees between Dena’s legs when I notice the Masters next to her, one on each side. I then notice what Master T has in His hands. For a moment I am not moving, only watching. Master R puts a nipple clamp on Dena’s right nipple and Master T puts one on the other. Then Master T starts to turn the knob of the Tower of Pain. Master R bends down to kiss Dena, who is already moaning loudly. She is clearly pain. Her nipples are much more sensitive than mine.

Still watching Master T, I lower my head and softly kiss Dena’s mound. I want to comfort her, to tell her it’s okay. But I decide to try and help her in a different way. To help her to channel the pain from her nipples towards her pussy. To change the pain into pleasure. I softly start to lick up and down her pussy lips. Tasting her. Smelling her lust. I run my tongue between her lips. Even though she is in pain, she is getting wetter. Or maybe she is getting wetter because she is in pain. With both hands I spread her labia and circle her clitoris with my tongue. I look towards her breasts and see that her nipples are slowly starting to stretch upwards.

Dena moans. I suck her clitoris between my lips. She moans again. Is it pain or pleasure that has her moaning? Or maybe a mixture of both? I want to lick and suck and finger her to a climax while she feels the pain on her nipples. I want to watch the Masters while they torture her. Still sucking her clitoris I slip one finger into her pussy. She is even wetter than moments before. From pain? Or pleasure? I slip another finger in, still sucking and licking her. Dena moans louder. Master R kisses her again. Her nipples are stretched to the limit, so much so that the clamps start to slip off. Master T removes them and then bends down to suck and bite her nipple. Master R does the same to the other nipple as Master T moves up to kiss Dena. I am watching this as I keep on sucking. I feel the wetness between my own legs as the sight and sounds in front of me excite me.

I am desperate to be touched, but I have only one intention. I want Dena to climax. I concentrate on fucking her with my fingers and sucking her clitoris deep into my mouth. Watching the men torturing her nipples, I feel her cunt muscles spasm as she gets closer to her orgasm. My fingers move faster and I keep a steady pace at licking and sucking her.

Dena moans loudly as she climaxes, her legs clamping around my head as she tries to push me away from her. I stop sucking her, knowing the intensity of the feeling right after a climax. I softly kiss her mound, her legs, her labia, her throbbing clitoris. I watch as both the men give her another kiss and tell her that she has been a good girl. As I feel her hands on my head, her fingers running through my hair, I bend my head and softly start to lick her clitoris again…

© Rebel’s Notes

9 thoughts on “Fantasy: Nipple torture and girl love

    1. I have already experienced the pleasure and pain like this, and surprisingly I realized I could climax by only having my nipples pinched. Of course there has to be some kind of build-up…

  1. Dear Rebel, as always I’m impressed and aroused by your writing. So vividly described. And beside of that, you combine in your steamy fantasy the things I most love. My nipples beiing tortured and giving the ultimate pleasure to the woman I love. And you describe it exactly like how I experience it. Marvelous. Often it so much more fun to give pleasure than to receive it. I don’t know if this has anything to do with submissiveness, or just being warm and kind to people. Just as you wrote: ‘I’m desperate to be touched, but I have only one intention. I want dena to climax.’ For me this reflects what is in my opimion the essence of bdsm: stretching desire, postpone satisfaction. Or maybe that’s bullshit and this is just the essence of lust and sex. Whatever! I enjoyed your fantasy and i’m sure you enjoyed writing it down!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and happy to know you enjoyed it. I sure enjoyed writing it and picturing in my mind how I would pleasure Dena was absolutely wonderful. It got me all hot and bothered writing it 🙂

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