Book review: Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training by Red Phoenix


Brie is a young woman who works in a tobacco shop, but she would much rather want to be a film maker in Hollywood. She already had a degree in film, but had to work in the tobacco shop until she could get a lucky break to work in the film industry. One day a man and woman entered the tobacco shop. Brie noticed the special way the woman talked to the man and she herself was quite taken by the gentleman. After the man and the woman have left the tobacco shop, Brie found the business card of The Submissive Training Center on the counter.

The business card had Brie curious enough to visit the website that was mentioned on it. At first Brie was shocked by what she had seen, but her curiosity was peaked. She read about a six week “course” in which she could learn to become a skilled submissive. Step by step Brie explored. From writing an email and regretting it to receiving a package with information, forms to fill out and her first homework assignment.

Boundary after boundary is crossed. Brie did her homework very well, even though at first she thought she would not do all that was asked of her. Brie is accepted for the course. She prepared herself for her first class and then went to the campus. And then her training starts…

Would it not be very interesting to indeed have something like a submissive training center to go to, where you can be taught how to serve? This is a short story (35 pages) but it is only the beginning of Brie’s adventures. There are more books, such as:

* Brie Learns to Obey
* Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive
* Brie Lives her Fantasy
* Brie Practices her Oral Skills

I guess there is some more reading for me to do!

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