Punishment: No underwear

Friday evening. I was tired after a week of work, but still very busy writing and working on my website. But the moment came that I was just too tired to continue. I lay down on the couch and relaxed, even drifted off to sleep for short moments. I still had to finish my drink and it was when I sat up to take a sip, that Master T looked at me, smiled and then spoke.

“Take your clothes off,” He said.
I did not immediately move. Many thoughts rushed through my mind. I was cold. I was tired. I needed to pee. It was late. I wanted to go to bed.
“I am cold,” I whimpered, but Master T just looked at me.
“May I pee first?” I asked.
“Hurry!” He said.
I did, and in the moments I sat there, I realized that I was stalling and I knew it was wrong of me. When I came back, I started to undress immediately.
“On your knees,” He said and I slipped off the couch and got on my knees.
“Hands on your head.”
I obeyed.

I shivered a couple of times. Master T made a couple of photos. I only noticed because I saw the flash, as my left side was turned to Him. While I sat like that, I realized again that I was not wearing my charms. Since I have noticed it that morning at my work, I had already forgotten about it again. I sincerely hoped that Master T would not notice. Three times earlier during the week I have disobeyed Him when I crossed my legs wearing a skirt. And now my charms.

Nipple charms
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It was when I was getting dressed that He noticed.
“Where are your charms?”
I could not help but giggle. I was so nervous. And I gave the most silly answer you can imagine.
Master T was not laughing.
“Upstairs as in you took them off when you took off your work clothes or upstairs as in you forgot to put them on your nipples today?”
I admitted that I had forgotten it. By then I was still nervously smiling and trying to explain, but soon I did not smile anymore. Master T was very disappointed in me and I did not like that at all. I did not even want to look at Him. I felt small and unworthy. Indeed, He was right: how could I have forgotten my charms?

“You will sleep with your medium Njoy butt plug tonight and you will not be allowed to wear any underwear for a week,” Master T said.
These words did elicit a response from me.
“No underwear? Even to my work?” I asked.
“Indeed, even to your work,” He confirmed. The expression on His face made it clear that I should say no more. I kept quiet and was still quiet when we went to bed.

Laying naked in bed next to Him – plugged – He pulled me closer after He had fastened the night collar around my neck. His fingers found my nipples. He pulled and pinched and I moaned and writhed to get away from His hands. The way He pinched me, I knew this was part of my punishment. I knew He wanted me to be acutely aware of the nipples who did not have any charms on them because I forgot about it. He let go of my nipples and just as I thought that this part of the punishment was over, He reached for them again. It almost felt as if He was pinching and pulling harder than before. He probably was not, but since my nipples felt bruised already, it hurt a lot more. I moaned and again tried to move away from Him.

“I want you to feel it, to remember,” He whispered in my ear while still rolling and twisting my nipples between His fingers. I could not stop the tears anymore. He did not stop immediately, but eventually He did pull me closer. Comforted me and told me to go to sleep. I did.

The next day was the first of seven days that I was not allowed to wear underwear. I don’t mind that much to go out of the house not wearing panties, especially not in winter, because then I am wearing tights. But I don’t like to leave the house without wearing a bra. Even though I have firm breasts, I love them more when they are in a bra than when they are not. And since when I wear my charms, my nipples are very visible, I prefer to wear a bra that conceal that a bit.

On Saturday and Sunday without a bra was okay, even though I felt uncomfortable when I was in the shopping center and when the kids were around. I also discovered that being without panties, wearing tights and a skirt is not as comfortable as I thought it would be. And then, during the week, at my work, I was constantly aware of the fact that I was not wearing a bra and that my nipples were clearly visible. I kept an eye on every colleague that entered the office to see whether they noticed and when I walked in the hallways, I wore a jacket or jersey and made sure that it covered my tits so no one could notice.

I know this is what Master T wanted to accomplish: to make me aware of what I have forgotten. To make me think of my nipples all day. Will I forget about my charms again? I hope not!

I was happy when I could wear a bra again, as it just makes me feel a but more confident, but for the time being I have totally stopped wearing panties.

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18 thoughts on “Punishment: No underwear

  1. I wish I could go without a bra. I hate wearing them. I don’t wear one if I’m just lounging around the house but it would not be a pretty sight if I were out in public without one. I’ve tried the no panties thing but can’t do that either. Like Mia I get very wet quite easily so it would be a rough go without panties.

    1. I can easily go without a bra every day, but somehow I just don’t feel at is if I do. I guess we all have our different preferences 🙂 xox

  2. Bra for me would be not too much of a problem but panties would be a huge one as I am constantly wet!!! Yep my sex juices are there all the time and would completely soak through my clothing if I did not wear a light pad in my panties – that is how wet I am all the time!!!!

    Kudos to you for completing your punishment, but now, me thinks, Master T will have to think of an alternative if you are happy to go pantyless from now on!!! Bra with no jackets/jumpers maybe……..oh naughty me giving him ideas!!!

    1. I am quite wet too most of the time, but I think I might not be as wet as you describe above. I just love not wearing panties. It has now been more than 4 weeks and I might not go back to wearing panties. Although… I don’t know what I will do in summer 😉

      Rebel xox

  3. Someone in my house thinks I’ve evil when I limit her to only thongs, I might have to try taking them away completely.

  4. I think I might still wear panties with certain pants, but other than that, I will just stay without them. It feels very good.

    Rebel xox

    1. I also go pantyfree by choice in the summer a lot, tho not when I wear tights or jeans (it really bothers the rings.) And being as small-breasted as I am, I can go about in just a cami rather than a bra most of the time, and usually do. Oddly enough, oftentimes when I go to W’s house I forget to bring underwear at all! lol

      I’m going to a spanking convention in April, though, and so I am shopping deliberately for panties. That seems to be the “thing” rather than going commando, or even in a thong!

      1. With jeans or even other pants, I don’t think I will go pantyfree either, as it does mess with my rings. But with tights it’s okay. Whether I will go pantyfree in summer? That remains to be seen…

        The spanking convention sounds interesting!

  5. OH no bra.. yeah I don’t have charms and going out without a bra is a definite no no for me. My boobs are so large it becomes painful after a bit. But I never wear panties unless it is that time of the month. Ever.

  6. Oh dear, I hope you don’t forget again either.
    You’re so brave to go without underwear, I would be terrified. I have tried in the past but it makes me so scared!

  7. Wow!! I don’t know that I could make it without a bra for that long (not a problem on the weekends but would be so weird during the workweek)! I’m sure you’ll never forget again!!

    ~Kazi xxx

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