Piercing ponderings

It’s been three months ago that I had my second set of labia piercings. They have not healed as easily as the first set, and I still sometimes feel one of the new piercings. It’s as if my body still need to adjust to the ‘intrusion’ or as if the piercing still needs to find the most comfortable place to be.

When we were on our way back from the piercing shop, we had a conversation about all the piercings that I have had in my life. We both realized that the second set of labia piercings will probably be the last piercings I will ever get. They were number nine and ten. And of the ten piercings I’ve had, I only have five left, and you know where those five are. Yep, all in my pussy 😉

My first ever piercing was a navel piercing. I was in another country, visiting a friend. We were both in a mischievious and daring mood and when we passed a piercing shop, we decided to have our navels pierced. I was first and she almost chickened out, but eventually I persuaded her to have it done. I loved my navel piercing, but my body did not love it as much. Two years later the piercing just simply fell to the floor. The two holes of the piercing had grown towards each other, as my body slowly rejected the foreign object.

The second and third piercings I had were nipple piercings. This was long before Master T came into the picture, in a previous ‘life’. I had the piercings for nine months approximately and they just did not heal. Some kind of fluids constantly came from it and clotted on the ring itself. No matter what I did, they did not heal. I came to the point where I was so irritated with them, I just pulled them out and let my nipples heal.

piercingsMy fourth piercing was my HCH piercing – horizontal clitoral hood piercing. This piercing marks the weekend that I moved in with Master T, which is now 8.5 years ago. This piercing was healed within a week. In the first weeks that I had it, I was constantly aware of it, but I soon got used to the feeling of having it. This does not mean that I never have sexy fun with this piercing. I love to hang clip-on charms from it. The slight weight and the swinging of the charm causes the piercing to move and this definitely leaves me feeling horny!

My fifth and sixth piercings yet again were nipple piercings. I decided to have my nipples pierced again, but this time with titanium rings. The first time I had them pierced it was with surgical steel. I thought that titanium rings might heal better than the surgical steel. I was so wrong. Yet again, after several months of trying everything to get the piercings to heal, I removed the rings. I swore I would never have my nipples pierced again (even though I frequently long for nipple piercings and doubt this decision).

Piercings seven and eight were my first set of inner labia piercings. And piercings nine and ten were the second set. I guess there is a kind of mathematical magic in my piercing escapades. I’ve been pierced ten times. Ten seems to be a magic number, like a circle, a number symbolizing completion, perfection. That I have five of the ten piercings left and those five are all in my pussy… well that is just my version of perfection, I guess. Or Master T’s 🙂

I want to keep these five piercings for as long as possible… and have lots of fun with it!

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