Orgasmic tears

“How many?” He asked when He walked back into the bedroom.
“Six,” I answered.
“Carry on until you reach ten,” He said.
I continued to rub my clitoris and eventually reach my tenth orgasm. Somehow tonight was one of those nights where my own fingers could not please me enough. I wanted His. It’s always easier to reach an orgasm when His fingers play between my folds.

He pushed a finger deep into me, curling it up and touching my G-spot, making me gasp. It did not take long to orgasm once His finger was on my clitoris. My first orgasm was not as wet as the second one. And the third one was even wetter. I lost count, but His fingers did not stop. At times I pushed me legs together, only to be reprimanded and reminded that I should keep my legs spread. Over and over I orgasmed, spurted and I felt the bed growing wetter and wetter below me.

“Pinch your nipples,” He said.
I rolled my nipples between my thumb and fingers, pinching some but not as hard as He would have pinched me.
“Harder,” He said, as if He could see that I was not putting enough pressure on my nipples.
I pinched harder.
“Harder,” He said again, “and pull your nipples up.”
I obeyed and he kept on fingering me and rubbing me clitoris.
“As long as you pinch your nipples, you are allowed to climax without asking for permission.”

Something changed. He pushed a finger deep inside me and then rubbed my clitoris again, just like before, but He did not wait for my orgasm before He pushed His finger back into me. His fingers returned to my clitoris and then disappeared in me again. All the time I was pinching and pulling my nipples.
“Harder,” He urged again as He started rubbing my clitoris again. By that time I was pinching my nipples almost as hard as He would have. Or maybe harder. I don’t know, I just know it hurt.

His finger did not leave my clitoris anymore. He kept on rubbing it. I had my legs spread wide. The combination of my nipples being pinched hard and the rubbing of my clitoris was making me feel light headed. I was in a wonderful subspace and all that existed there were the two of us. I did not feel my body, only my nipples and my clit.
“Oooh it hurts,” I moaned, still pinching my nipples hard, but not really realizing that I was the one pinching them.
“You are such a whore,” He said as His fingers moved around my clitoris.
“I am your whore,” I agreed and moaned as my fingers hurt my nipples.
The harder I pinched my nipples, the more I felt as if I was floating. Pinching my nipples made my clitoris react under His touch.

“If you keep this up, I am going to have a huge orgasm,” I said.
tearsMaster T did not say anything. My nipples rolled around between my fingers and were pulled up as far as my skin could stretch. The orgasm took its time to build. The delicious mixture of pain and pleasure caused an explosion between my legs. My body convulsed as the strength of the orgasm took hold of it. I gasped and shivered under its onslaught. A sob caught in my throat as more waves of the orgasm rolled over me. The sob escaped and tears rolled down my body.

“Come here,” Master T said and pulled me closer.
I cried and shivered and tried to stop the tears all at the same time. Master T held me tight. He put His finger under my chin so I would look at Him with my tear-filled eyes. He kissed me softly and held me tight again, pulling me very close to Him. It took quite some time for me to calm down entirely.

Never before have I had such an incredible experience with an orgasm that had this effect on me.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  3. I certainly don’t have this level of control. But I am working on it. Thank you for sharing this x

  4. Dear Rebel,
    What an exiting story. You really know to describe it as if one as a reader is present! I’m a ‘nipple’s-man’ as well (as well, of course concerning the nipples, not man :-). I just love the hurt and it makes me so terribly horny. The more they hurt, the hornier I get. Have you ever had your nipples pierced? Long time I was afraid of it, but actually it’s a short cut to ‘nipple’s heaven’.

    I’m busy writing a reaction on an older blog of your’s: about memorable sexual firsts. With a bit of luck I can post it today!

    1. I had my nipples pierced twice before, but both times they did not heal properly. I would love to have them pierced again, but then again I just do not want to go through the months of agony again.

      I’m looking forward to your comments.

    1. This is the first time ever I started to sob after an orgasm. I had tears in my eyes before, but I never sobbed like this evening.

  5. Oh, that’s nice. I don’t think I could have kept holding my nipples like that – as I approach orgasm all my muscles just sort of…spaz out – my hands open and close without my input.

    1. If I let go of my nipples, He reminds to pull them. Over and over again. My legs normally move more than my hands 😉

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