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I have said it in many other posts before, but allow me to say it again. When I started out in the blogging community, I started following different blogs. Many of those blogs have helped me to understand myself better. It helped me to understand that what I wanted and what I felt I needed was not strange, that it was not something that I have to deny. It helped me to understand that I am different from others, but not a queer, as I many times thought I was.

When I say I started out to follow those blogs, I did not click on their URL’s every day, but once a blog interested me and I knew I wanted to read it frequently, I clicked on the follow buttons and entered my e-mail address. From then on I got an e-mail alert every time the blog owner has posted something new. This worked perfectly for me, as I could leave those e-mails in my inbox and read at my own leisure. With my full time job and trying to make a success of my own blog, I just did and do not have the time to check those blogs every day to see whether something has been posted. Therefore, getting e-mail alerts is perfect. Sometimes, when a blog really interested me I would go back to it, just using the URL, but eventually I forgot and moved on. Saving the URL just did not work for me.

This was another lesson that those different blogs I started following have taught me: to have my own follow button on my blog. I wanted to make sure that it was easy for other people to follow me. I started out on Blogger when I just started blogging and back then I signed up with Feedburner. At the time I was already ‘jealous’ of the good following system that WordPress had, but I was too deep into blogger to just start all over on WordPress. When I moved over from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog, I stayed with Feedburner.

So why am I telling you all this?

I make a point of reading and commenting on every Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday entry and sometimes I browse the websites of the new players. Some of those blogs are stunning and I really want to follow them. I look for the follow button, click it and, enter my e-mail address. Or I add it to my WordPress reader and then change the settings in there, that I want an e-mail as soon as the blog owner has posted something new.

However, recently I have come across a lot of blogs that do not have any kind of follow button on them. I have tried to add those blogs to my reader, using the URL, but then I don’t have the e-mail option. Eventually, after I have tried everything, I gave up. Okay no, I don’t give up entirely. I stumble across those same blogs again when they link themselves to Wicked Wednesday or Sinful Sunday and each time I regret that those are the only posts I am alerted about.

As a blogger, I like comments. Not only receiving them, but giving them too. I like to know that what I have written is read by others. I don’t think I am the only blogger who likes this. When you put your words out there, you want it to be read and you prefer to receive comments too, right? Right. This is one of the reasons why I have made it easier for people to follow: by adding the option for them to follow my blog through e-mail.

Do you have a follow button that I can click?

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The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was #follow
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