First update: 101 things in 1001 days

101-1001aIt’s been 6 weeks since I started out on my challenging journey to complete 101 things in 1001 days.

In the meantime I have finished some goals and others are in progress. Let me give you an update on the goals I have set for myself, following the same categories I have on my 101 list.

Blogging & writing
I have a lot of writing goals, but have put almost all of those off to only start on after Eroticon. There are three goals that I have started on. I have started reading erotic books, and have finished some, but still have to write the reviews. They will follow in the weeks to come. I have also written two sponsored posts for EdenFantasys. And last but not least, I have started one of the two stories that I will be writing with someone else.

I have started to partake in ToyWithMeTuesday and have still more ideas playing around in my head of photo’s I want to make for this meme. And where I have not started with point 30 yet, I have a great idea for it and that I want to start with soon.

We had another playdate recently (more to follow on this soon) and with what happened during the date, the status on three goals (numbers 38, 40 and 43) in this category changed from ‘Not started’ to ‘In progress’.There are some things in this category that I am almost too afraid to start, and others I really look forward too, even though I feel very nervous about it!

Number 51 – a new garter belt – was completed quicker than I intended it to be. I wanted another quality garter belt because I just love the first one I bought. But when I wore the first one for the first time, it did not fit anymore. It was too big and slipped down over my hips. I was so disappointed, but had a good reason to buy another. Some of the things I have put on here might sound easy, but I have put them on there for a reason – because they are challenging to me. Like not wearing panties for 30 consecutive days. I tend to remember something like this for a week and then I forget again. The same with wearing a short skirt for 30 consecutive days. I love to wear skirts, but when I wake up feeling tired and meh, I grab pants and dress very plain and definitely not sexy. Where, if I feel meh and I dress in a skirt, it lifts my spirit because during the day I start to feel sexy. I have put these two things on the list to be more aware of myself. Wearing no panties started out as punishment (more to follow soon). I just continued not to wear panties and in combination with that, I started to wear skirts. Both of these goals are well underway.

Sexy art
Except for ordering and receiving new canvas, I have not started on anything in this category.

Sexy socializing
First of all, Eroticon 2013. In less than two weeks we will be in London for this. I am so excited and can hardly wait to meet people in person who I have spoken to online for some time now. Ten days ago Erotic Meet Netherlands had their second meeting, which was the first of the ten that I have put on this goal list. Number 73 on my list – meeting tweeps in person – has started off to a brilliant afternoon too. I have met @polyvanilla or Emily Daniel in person. We met on 19 January 2013 for lunch but we talked and talked and talked and would have stayed there for hours more, was it not that I still had some shopping to do. Just after 4pm we parted. She is a wonderful, open and honest woman. Yet again, sitting there with Emily, I realized how liberating it is to openly talk about your sexual life and sexual preferences to a like-minded person. Thanks Emily for a wonderful afternoon! The second tweep I met was @SexwithRose. I have met Rose before, but only for a split second. We said hello and then she immediately had to leave. Rose attended the second meeting of Erotic Meet Netherlands and finally we had a chance to talk. When Rose says she’s a six foot amazon, you better believe that she is! Want to know more about this sexy woman? Just check her blog.

Personal pampering
I have only started and completed the first two items on my Personal Pampering list. At first when I put the diet thing on there, I was on a very strict medical diet, but I still ate things I should not. I wanted to keep to the strict diet for at least 15 days, but then the dietitian said that I should start to try all kinds of things to see where my intolerances come from. Ha, that almost made me panic, as there was no strict diet to be followed anymore. But I am following strictly what she has told me, so guess this goal indeed has been completed, even though I am still busy with the trial and error for this diet. Drinking water is something I easily do when I am at work, but at home I drink almost nothing. This goal has been put on there to make me aware of the fact that I have to drink water and because I hope I will get into a good habit and continue to drink a liter of water every day, even in weekends.

Together with Hubby
Hubby has downloaded ‘The Secretary’ and we will definitely be watching that one soon. Also, we should make time to watch ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’, since the movie has been in our possession for years now and I have still not seen it! As for the trips, there are more than enough time still to make those!

This list is updated frequently and as said above the table, totally out of my control.

I have more than enough time to complete the things on my list, but I have to start in time for quite some of them. Especially all the writing I have put on there will take up quite a lot of time, but I believe I can do it. It is a challenge, after all!

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4 thoughts on “First update: 101 things in 1001 days

  1. Awesome update on the list. When I first saw your list, I was in awe that you took on such an undertaking, but how nice it must feel to cross off things!
    Only list I’ve made this year (besides boring domestic ones), is a list of hard/soft/curious limits. I want to experiment more in my marriage, and read where I should make a list and discuss it, and also where to find such a list.

    1. It does feel good to cross off things, for sure. And there is so much I still have to get started on!

      Sometimes making lists is a good thing, as it keeps you focused. I have never made a list of hard/soft/curious limits, but have been thinking of doing it 🙂

  2. I am looking forward for more progress!!! Ah! I wish I had time to update my list more!

    I wish I was also closer to meet you guys in person!

    1. Oh it will be wonderful to meet you. I hope one day you can come over here and we can meet you and hug you for real!

      Rebel xox

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