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Three weeks from now I will be off from work for 6 days, which includes a weekend. On Thursday 28 February I will be home and a big part of my day will be consumed by getting clothes ready to take on our trip. For weeks now I have been planning it in my head: what will I wear? But only on that Thursday will I really know what I choose to take with me.

London, 2&3 March 2013
London, 2&3 March 2013

Because you see, very early on 1 March we will board the plane in Rotterdam and less than an hour later we will land in London!

We are going to Eroticon 2013!!!!!

And, we have quite a busy weekend ahead of us!

After dropping our things off at the hotel, that has a view over the Thames and the Big Ben, we will head out for a lunch date with Annie Player, the founder and CEO of Erotic Meet (not to be confused with Eroticon). But Annie is more than just that. She is an erotic writer, artist, poet and an event worker. You can read more about Annie on her website. I really look forward to meeting her and even more so since I have started the Dutch branch of Erotic Meet under her professional guidance.

Between our lunch date and our evening date we might just stroll along the Thames to The Whisky Exchange as Master T is a collector of whisky and He wants to bring home something special. But, that depends on how long we are with Annie, otherwise we might only do the whisky shopping on Monday morning. Then, on Friday night there will be pre-conference drinks, which has been arranged by Molly. I really look forward to meeting a lot of the people who will attend Eroticon the next day too. More information on the venue will follow soon.

Both on Saturday and on Sunday we can be found at Eroticon 2013. The venue for Eroticon is walking distance from our hotel. I have been studying the Eroticon schedule for weeks to decide which sessions I want to attend. I would like to attend all of them, but unfortunately that is not going to be possible as several sessions are held in the same time slot.

Sessions I am planning to go to:


  • Myth busting: the submissive woman : Molly Moore
  • Editing : Cressida Downing
  • Creative writing 2 : The Lens of Eroticism: Romanticism with a big R & Eroticism with a big E. Remittance Girl
  • Pitching to publishers : Hazel Cushion
  • Self publishing 1 : MK Elliott : Guy New York


  • Anthologies panel : Maxim Jakubowski : Lucy Felthouse : Victoria Blisse : Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Top ten tips for writing a sex blog : Molly Moore
  • Publishers panel : Hazel Cushion : Remittance Girl
  • Creative writing 5: Finessing Sex : K D Grace
  • Sex toy testing on your blog : Nymphomaniac Ness

On Saturday night there will be a reading. Erotica writers have the opportunity to read their own work to other writers and delegates. Even though I do not like to be in the center of attention, I have informed Harper Elliot, who is organizing this evening, that I would love to read my work too. However, there was a huge amount of interest, so I am not invited to read my work this time. The verdict is still out about what we will be doing on Saturday evening. We might go to the reading evening for networking purposes, we might go shopping in London or we might stay in the hotel. It all depends on how busy and hectic the Saturday at Eroticon 2013 will be.

We have no date for Sunday night and neither do we have anything planned for Monday. We only fly back on Monday evening so have most of Monday to meet someone else or to shop. If you want to have lunch on Monday or maybe dinner on Sunday evening, just let me know. However, I think most people who come to London for Eroticon 2013 will be heading home on Sunday after the conference. If so, Master T and I will definitely find something to do. Maybe a quiet Sunday evening in the sushi bar at the hotel and a stroll down Oxford Street on Monday. I still need to buy some Irregular Choice shoes, as stated at number 90 on my 101-things-in-1001-days list. I might just do that while in London, right?

I think by the time we get home on Monday we will be so tired that all we would want to do is sleep. This is the reason why I have also taken Tuesday off from work. And so is Master T. I guess Tuesday will be spent unpacking, doing the laundry and definitely talking, talking, talking about Eroticon 2013. And I might just write a post or two to tell you all about my experience at this conference!

Stay tuned!

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