Eroticon 2013: Meet & Greet

People who go to Eroticon are introducing themselves to others they will meet in London. It’s a nice way of knowing who is coming and  learning just a little bit more about them. I think a lot of people – including me – are very nervous to meet the people they have only been speaking to online. But, to ease the tension of that, Molly has arranged for pre-conference drinks on Friday night. Everyone is welcome!

Now for the meet & greet…

To join in, cut and paste the questions below, replace my answers with yours and link back to Ruby Kiddell’s post, the same way I did at the bottom of this post.

Marie Rebelle

Twitter id:

Must attend Eroticon 2013 session:
Saturday: Creative writing 2 : The Lens of Eroticism: Romanticism with a big R & Eroticism with a big E : Remittance Girl
Sunday: Publishers panel : Hazel Cushion : Remittance Girl

Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in the lift with:
Molly & Mina

Erotic writer you’d like to write dramatize your life story:
Maybe not the answer that you might have been looking for, but I would definitely want to write my own life story. This is simply because I lived my life and I am the one who can put the right feeling into the story. But, I would love Rachel Kincaid to edit it for me and Plumptious Pea to do the audio book version of it.

Expected biggest fangirl / fanboy moment:
I have no idea. I think I will just have my biggest fangirl event for meeting all those sexy people I have only been speaking to online and for attending Eroticon!

What keeps you awake at nights?
When something big, whether exciting or stressful , is about to happen the next day, I cannot sleep. It’s like I cannot find the ‘off’ button for my brains!

Eoriton, 2 & 3 March, London
2 & 3 March

See who else is coming to Eroticon 2013 in the Meet & Greet link up

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7 thoughts on “Eroticon 2013: Meet & Greet

  1. I am tickled that you’d have me to voice the story of your life, Rebel. Anyday, lady, AAAANY DAY!
    I am bubbling underneath like a champagne bottle about to lose its cork over coming to Eroticon 2013. One question though, can I peek in that lift? 😉

    Pea ~x~

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