Celebrating love

Copied from The Huffington Post:

Valentine’s day isn’t all about roses, candy, and expensive dinners.

It has a historical background too.

Contrary to what some may believe, Valentine’s Day wasn’t created by greetings card companies just to sell cards and candies. It’s actually a church sanctioned holiday, as Pope Gelasius deemed February 14 St. Valentine’s Day near 498 A.D.

Shrouded in mystery, the exact origins of the celebration of St. Valentine are somewhat unclear, according to History.com. While the holiday’s history is well documented through the years, the saint (or saints) it’s named after is up in the air.

It’s still unclear exactly who the celebrated saint of love really was, as the Catholic Church acknowledges 3 separate saints named Valentine or Valentinus. All of them were martyrs.


On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love.

Master T and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. In fact, I think I have only done something on Valentine’s Day once in my life and only once received something for Valentine’s Day. Back when I was in high school I sent an anonymous card to a boy I had a crush on. And about 15 years ago on Valentine’s Day I got a mug from my kids for Valentine’s Day. It said they loved me to bits and that I was the best mom and up to today I still have the mug!

Just like we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do not celebrate either Mothers or Fathers Day. We believe that every day should be Mothers or Fathers Day and the same we believe that love should be celebrated and appreciated every day. These days have just been commercialized too much, in our opinion.

Still, this year for Valentine’s Day I want to stop and think about love.

In the last year to eighteen months I have been privileged to experience other kinds of love too. First I experienced the love in the erotic community. It started on Twitter and spread to my blog and it still has not disappeared. I do not think it will. There is so much love and acceptance in this community. So much respect. I enjoy being on Twitter every day and to talk to the people I have come to know, even though it’s only online. I look forward to meet some of them next week at Eroticon!

When I started this meme, Wicked Wednesday, I experienced deep love again. Almost from the very beginning it was a success. Up from the beginning until now, the 38th week, this meme has maintained an average of 19 links a week. I am looking to take that up to 50 for at least one week, but only you can help me by spreading the word. Only one week – that will be brilliant. Thank you all for all the love you continue to show!

lovevalentineThen, last but definitely the most important of all, my love for Master T seems to grow and grow every day. The more we experience together, the more I understand just how much love there is between the two of us. I have said it on this blog before and I might say it many times to come: no one knows me and has ever known me as well as Master T does. He knows things about me that I don’t know or still have to discover. He accepts me the way I am and allows me to be me. He makes things possible – things I could only dream about and that I thought I would never experience (again). He allows me to meet interesting and sexy people, all under His watchful eye and guidance. He makes me feel safe and loved every day of the year and not only on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you, Master T.

I love you.

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating love

  1. A very touching post. For us Valentines day is simply our oldest daughter’s birthday. All other meaning has been supplanted by that.

  2. Love breeds love, or at least it does in my experience. You are a woman who has so much love to give inside them, I am just grateful that twitter, Wicked Wednesday and, soon, Eroticon has brought us together.

    Rachel x

    1. OMG, I felt tears burn when I read your comment. Thank you! I can’t wait to meet you next week and give you a great big hug!

      Rebel xox

  3. I am not in a hurry either. It will happen when it happens. I enjoy hosting Wicked Wednesday and will just keep on doing so 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Oh please tell me you did at least one thing that you don’t usually do on Valentines?! 😀

    You two lovebirds are lucky to have each other!

    You’ll soon reach the 50 links! I’ll retweet youuuuuuuu!

    1. We might have done something we do not usually do, but I cannot recall 😉

      And thanks for wanting to promote Wicked Wednesday. At some time I will get to the 50 links, and if not, I will still enjoy hosting it!

  5. I also feel for someone the way you feel about Master T; the knowledge that someone knows you better than you know yourself, and is watching out for you, all with love and acceptance. We are very lucky.

  6. Even if you practice something all year, it’s nice to take a day to reflect on it. I do agree about the commercialism though!!

    <3 xoxo

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Yes, reflecting is good, but I rather do that on a day of my choosing than a day as commercialized as Valentine’s day 🙂

      Rebel xox

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