Book review: A Passion for Words by Mistress Velvet

mistressvelvetThe book:
I have been approached by Mistress Velvet whether I would be willing to do a book review on her poetry book. Of course I wanted to do that and she sent me a PDF version of the book.

The front cover has a suggestive photo on it with an image of a man wearing a shirt and a tie and holding onto a woman’s head. The woman’s head is in such a position that it looks as if she might be giving him some oral pleasure. The table of contents contains the titles of the 17 poems that can be found in this book. The PDF version of the book consists out of 32 pages, including the front cover, the copyright page and the table of contents. The PDF version has no back cover.

The author:
Allow Mistress Velvet to introduce herself:

I am Mistress Velvet. I am a very sexual individual, my husband and I are very sexually active and are ALWAYS trying new things, I wanted to encourage others to do the same, to try something new and maybe spice things up, rekindle old flames and re-ignite the passion. My Erotic Poetry is very honest and emotional, I want to be inspirational with my writing to create a curiosity within others and give individuals and couple alike the confidence to flourish from my words.

The poems:
All the poems are of an erotic nature. Each poem has between 8-16 verses and the verses have 4 lines. It has taken me some time to find the name of the rhyming scheme that Mistress Velvet used for all of the poems. She rhymes the second and fourth lines with each other, but the first and third lines in each verse do not rhyme. There are seven basic rhyming schemes according to this site ( . The rhyming scheme that Mistress Velvet is using is XAXA.

There are some poems that are written from a man’s perspective, which is quite refreshing.
My favorite poem in this book is ‘Chained’:

Shackled and chained
In raw leather cuffs
Eyes covered blinding
Body all flushed

My senses heightened
Pulse in my ears
I’m yours for the taking
I can feel you near

Unable to touch you
I’m bound to the bed
Trembling with feeling
I’m all yours, I said

What does await me?
What do you need?
Hands slowly stroking
I whimper and plead

Don’t make me beg you
Or punish me much
I’m writhing in pleasure
Just feeling your touch

I burn with desire
Flames licking high
You’re stoking my fire
While chained here I lie

Do what you like
I’m all for you
Everything you imagine
I’ll let you do

Arching my back
Yielding to your touch
Body on fire
God I want this so much

Find my wet crevice
I’m wet and I want
Slip deep within me
Come fuck my cunt

Orgasm rips through me
Like a powerful wave
Breath that’s still catching
It’s time to behave

Where to buy?
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My opinion:
Where I am not a poetry writer, I do enjoy to read the occasional poem. Reading a poetry book is much different than reading a novel. With this book I noticed that I had to stop after reading at most three poems, and continue at a later stage. If I read too many poems after each other, I could not feel the essence of the poem anymore. And you do not want to miss the essence of any of these hot poems. Because yes, they are really wonderful. Mistress Velvet certainly has a talent with words.

For those readers out there who love to read poetry, I will certainly recommend this book. Especially if you like erotic poetry.


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