Bar Entertainment (4/4)

Continued from… Bar Entertainment (3/4)


Vicky felt another orgasm building between her legs as the man zipped his pants and got off the bar. Another man appeared in front of her, on the other side of the bar. Vicky expected him to get onto the bar too after he had given her her glass so she could take a sip of wine again. He did not. Vicky did not care. Her cunt muscles tightened around the dildo as she climaxed for a second time. The dildo disappeared. The man in front of her lay both his hands on the bar, palms up.

“Take my hands,” he said.
Vicky reached forward and place her hands in his. He pulled her forward and at the same time the two bar stools that she was sitting on were moved backwards a couple of centimeters. The man in front of her held onto her hands and did not let go. Vicky’s body was stretched. Her arms rested on the bar. Her breasts were hanging downward, her buttocks protruded to the back and all her holes were spread wide between the stools.

Vicky could hear the people behind her and she suspected correctly that she was very much exposed to them. She did not care. Vicky had surrendered herself to her situation and she was even enjoying it. She wanted more. She was horny and she was even prepared to put up a show if that is what the crowd wanted from her. Since she did not know what their next demand would be, she just stayed still and waited.

Two hands touched her from behind – one hand was placed on each of her hips. They softly stroked her, running from the side to the back, over her buttocks and then back to the side again. All the time the man in front of her was still holding onto her arms, pulling her forward. The hand on her right hip disappeared, the left stayed where it was. Something warm and hard pressed against her lubricated asshole. Vicky sighed and relaxed all her muscles. She was more than ready to be fucked and even readier to be fucked in her ass. Let all these people watch. Let them see her like she is: her husband’s slut.

Slowly the cock eased into her. Bit by bit it allowed her ass muscles to relax and accept the intrusion. Vicky moaned. It did not hurt at all. In fact, the position she was in was very favorable for this kind of penetration. As the cock inched inside of her, Vicky’s cunt became wetter. Once it was totally buried in her behind it stayed there, allowing her to relax around it. Ever so slowly the man started to fuck her ass. Vicky tried to stay still, but she could not. Soon she was moving her hips and ass in the same rhythm as the man’s thrusts, pushing back against him as well as she could with her hands locked into that of the man on the other side of the bar.

It was when she felt the warm mouth on her clitoris again that Vicky thought she might go crazy. There were too many lovely sensations at the same time. The cock fucking her ass – not slow anymore, but it was banging relentlessly into her. The sucking of her clitoris – not gentle, but firm. The hardening of her nipples. The positions she was kept in. The people watching her. Her horniness. A loud moan, more like a scream, escaped her mouth as Vicky climaxed long and hard and at the same time the man pushed hard back into her ass, kept his cock there and unloaded. Vicky felt the pulsating of his cock against the inner walls of her anus.

As the man pulled out of her, cum leaked from her behind. Her hands were set free and a woman stood up from between her and the bar counter. The barman reappeared from somewhere behind the counter, filled her glass and handed it to her. Only then she saw that all the people who were watching her, were holding glasses. They raised their glasses in a collective toast, congratulating her on a wonderful performance. Vicky blushed but at the same time she felt strangely proud. She lifted the glass to accept their toasts and brought it to her lips to drink.

A soft kiss on her cheek had her turning her head towards the kisser. It was her husband.
“Well done, good girl,” he said, “you have given these people quite a show!”
Again Vicky blushed, but said nothing.
“No more pieces of paper from me. You are now allowed to talk, my love,” he winked, “The party is only starting. You were the opening act.”

Hours later and after being fucked by her husband and several of the other men and women in the restaurant, Vicky kissed her husband and thanked him for the wonderful party. With a glass of wine in her hand, she looked around and saw people fucking at the bar, on the tables, on the floor, against the windows and even on the stairs. She had never expected that her husband would be this creative to book an entire restaurant in a vanilla neighbourhood for a kinky party.


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