A double birthday

 Last year, on 25 February, I registered my own domain and started my self-hosted WordPress blog.
Today I look back on the first year in awe, seeing all the hits the domain has had in this year.

(click to enlarge)

Those 231069 hits have been made possible by you, my readers.
Thank you!

(click to enlarge)

Today I am not only celebrating the birthday of my own domain, but also my 46th.

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30 thoughts on “A double birthday

  1. Many happy returns sweetie. Looking forward to meeting you at Molly’s Myth Busting Session on Saturday . . . or even perhaps at pre-drinks on Friday evening (even though I’m very nervous).

    1. Thank you so much for the good wishes. And don’t worry about Friday (yes, we will be there) because I am nervous too but I bet we will all do well 🙂
      I really look forward to meeting you and all those wonderful people xox

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful! You always look yummy but now even more so! How tempting it is to eat all of the candy in that photo by licking them up one at a time ;).

    Congrats on the domain/pageviews too! Not surprising with how talented and inspiring you are!

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