You want this…

A kiss ignited a fire as we were getting ready to go to bed.
“Go to the kitchen and take your clothes off,” He said.
“May I switch the light off,” I asked.
I knew better than to go against His wishes. If someone happened to be outside and look in from the street, they would be able to see me in the bright light of the kitchen. I told myself that it was too cold for people to be outside. It was about 7 degrees below zero, close to midnight, so people were supposed to be inside, right?

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I went to the kitchen and started to take my clothes off. One by one I took the pieces off and I instantly felt the cold when I was naked.
“Come here,” Master T said, standing at the kitchen door.
He pinched my nipples and pulled them up, forcing me to stand on my toes. I whimpered as it hurt. He relaxed His grip and I lowered my feet, but then He pinched again and I had to stand on my toes again. He held on for some time before he let me go again.
“Get on your knees,” He ordered.
I wanted to get on my knees facing Him but He told me to turn my back towards Him.
“Put your hands on your head,” He commanded and once again I obeyed.

I sat like that for quite some time and was somehow surprised that my legs did not start to hurt and feel numb as quickly as they normally do.
“Tell me when you start to feel cold,” Master T said.
I knew He was standing behind me, watching me. I sat quietly until an involuntary shiver went through my body. Still I did not tell Him I was cold, but sat there until a second shiver rippled through me.
“I’m starting to feel cold, Sir,” I said.
“Lay down on your back,” He said. That is not what I have expected to hear. The kitchen floor was cold. I arched my back as to not have it touch the floor, but my bottom and shoulders really felt the coldness of the floor.
“Spread your legs wide. Now touch yourself and bring yourself to orgasm. Three orgasms,” He said.

I kept my legs spread wide and started to touch myself. The first orgasm took long to happen as I was constantly feeling the cold floor below me. By the time the second orgasm hit I had totally forgotten about the coldness under me. After orgasm number three Master T told me to get up from the floor. Standing in front of Him He pulled me up to my toes by my nipples again.
“Whore,” He whispered just before He kissed me.
“Go upstairs,” He said, “the whip is waiting.”
I grabbed my clothes and went upstairs. Master T followed me. He told me to bend over the foot of the bed and to hold my position.

I was expecting to feel one of the two whips that Master T has recently purchased, but it was the cane that touched my ass. He started out softly, but gradually built it up. Just when I thought I could take no more, he put the cane down and got the whip out. Again He started slowly and gradually it got more painful. Some lashes really stung on my bottom. I writhed and eventually crouched, begging for no more. Master T ordered me to stand up and get back into position. I obeyed and yet again the whip kissed my ass. I willed myself to stay in position. I relaxed some and just accepted the pain. It was only when He exchanged the whip for the cane again, that I became nervous again.

“Count back from twenty,” He said.
“Oh no, that’s too much,” I said but I stayed in position and started counting. My ass was on fire when He was done.
“Turn around,” Master T ordered and I did.
“Hands above your head,” He said and I knew the cane would touch my tits. It did, and it hurt like hell, especially when it touched my nipples. I had to count down from twenty again and only once did I drop my arms to protect my breasts. I immediately obeyed when He told me to raise my arms again. I was breathing hard when He pulled me towards Him and kissed me.
“This is what you want,” He said as He looked down at me, His with strict eyes and a slight smile. I only nodded.
“You want this,” He spoke again and ordered me to get back into position over the foot of the bed.

lacedupwhipI was surprised as I thought that we were done, but we were not. The whip touched my ass again and it hurt even more than before. Was He hitting me harder or did it just hurt more because of the previous lashes? I did not know and I did not care. In me head I was chanting ‘I want this, I want this’ – yes, I knew that this is what I wanted. The pain. Him being in control. Him telling me what to do. Giving Him my body to do to it what He wanted to.

Twice more I had to count to twenty – once for my ass and once for my tits, both times feeling the cane. I ended up in Master T’s gentle arms, in tears, with a burning ass, thighs sticky with my horny juices and feeling relieved, alive and intensely happy.

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