The ways I orgasm… vaginal

When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

Vaginal orgasm

Continued from… Clitoral orgasm

A vaginal orgasm to me is the climax you reach when a man fucks you. Or you fuck yourself with a dildo or vibrator. No other stimulation, only vaginal.

I cannot easily reach a climax in such a way. I have to have simultaneous stimulation of either my clitoris or my anus.


Once I have had numerous clitoral orgasms, my cunt is sensitive and I crave something in it. Then I want to be fucked. When Master T fucks me then, I do not need any other stimulation than just feeling Him move in and out of me. The walls of my vagina seem to have several sensory points that have been awakened by the preceding climaxes. And not only that. Everything seems swollen with excitement and lust, which causes me to be much more sensitive inside than before I had any clitoral orgasms. As He moves in and out of me, those points are stimulated and frequently I have one or two more orgasms.

I really like it when He tells me to get on my knees. This is my absolute favorite position – yep, doggy style – and I love how deep He reaches inside me when He fucks me like this. This is the only position where I can have an orgasm without having any preceding clitoral orgasms, but it’s not a guarantee that I will have one every time.

I sometimes slip my fingers inside my cunt when I am masturbating, but the goal for this never is to bring myself to climax. It’s always to heighten my self-pleasure or to postpone an orgasm. Or of course to gather more of my wetness to rub over my clitoris. Again, when I had some clitoral orgasms, I can have an orgasm when I finger-fuck myself.

Reading all of the above again, I guess I can conclude that only vagina stimulation is not enough for me. I need more than that.

I have chosen to separate G-spot orgasm from vaginal orgasm, as for me there is definitely a difference.

To be continued… G-spot orgasm

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