The ways I orgasm… G-spot

When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

G-spot orgasm

Continued from… Vaginal orgasm

As said at the end of my last post, I have chosen to do two separate posts for vaginal and G-spot orgasms. G-spot orgasms are probably my second favorite kind of orgasm.

The only way I can reach my G-spot myself is when I use the golden toy we have purchased at the sex fair early this year. But mostly my G-spot orgasms come from Master T stimulating me. He seems to know just when I need them.

He always starts off by rubbing my clitoris and bringing me to at least one orgasm. Sometimes it takes a while to reach the first orgasm, but it always leaves me craving to feel His fingers inside me. He will slip at least two into me to start. Curling His fingers upward, toward my stomach, He touches my G-spot. It awakes a burning desire inside me and just when I think the feeling would become too intense to handle, he pulls His fingers out and rubs my clitoris. It takes me only seconds to climax. He will push His two fingers back inside me and awake the fire again, making me writhe and buck under His hand for more. Again He will pull his fingers out and rub my clitoris. Over and over He does this and my orgasms just get wetter and wetter.

Soon the two fingers will become three and sometimes four. And the more he stimulates my G-spot, the more I will spurt. But not all my orgasms are reached with Him stimulating first my G-spot and then my clitoris. The more I climax, the more I want and each time His fingers touches my G-spot, the fire burns higher. Until I start to climax around His fingers while He is stimulating My G-spot. Hot, wet, spurting orgasms. It has happened many times before that I had to sleep on a very wet spot, after this kind of ‘treatment’. I certainly need to get us a special sheet for our bed.

Lately I have noticed that when He brings me to these G-spot orgasms, I tend to go into some kind of haze. I just give myself over to the lust and craving in my body, riding His hand and trying to get Him to push all of it into me. Sometimes He does that when I am very wet – He pushes His entire hand into me. When He does, I stimulate my clitoris to bring myself to orgasm. With His fist in me, I can also feel Him touching my G-spot and when I climax with His fist in me, I need to rest afterward. It’s just too intense.

As I said above, Master T seems to know exactly when I need these kind of orgasms. The haze I go in clouds my vision. If I open my eyes to look at Him, I know that He can see the lust in my eyes. He can see my surrender, my want, my need.

In October 2012 Mina of At Longing’s End posted about her Orgasm Envy and I replied to that:

I orgasm a lot – the more I orgasm, the more I want to orgasm. But so many times I am quite sensitive for days afterwards. That is never fun, as it can vary from slight discomfort to a burning feeling.

The G-spot orgasms leave me feeling like that. I am sensitive the next day and sometimes more days after that. It is because of a combination of many orgasms, much stimulation and me going totally overboard and wanting more and more and more. I know I will be hurting the next day, but that is definitely not something I think about at the moment of stimulation. No, at the moment of stimulation there is only one thing that I can think about: the next orgasm. Yet, even though this is the case, the G-spot orgasm will always be one of my favorite ways to reach an orgasm.

I know some ladies will differ from me regarding this kind of orgasm, as it can also be classified as a vaginal orgasm, but since I definitely notice two different kinds of stimulation and different kinds of orgasms, I have chosen to separate the two.

To be continued… Breast/Nipple Orgasms

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  1. Wow, I definitely have never had anything like that. Nor have I spurted – I have it on my list of 101 things to see if I can, so I should get a g-spot toy I think.

    It is no wonder men struggle so much knowing how we work – or indeed how many women don’t work out how to manipulate their own bodies. Talk about different! We should compile a book about female orgasms!

    1. Oh you are right, I can just imagine how difficult men must find this, since women are so different. Maybe you and I should compile the book on female orgasms 😉

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