The ways I orgasm… clitoral

When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

Clitoral orgasm

The day after Master T and I moved in together – long before we embarked on our D/s journey – we went to our favorite tattoo and piercing shop to have my clitoral hood pierced. It was something we have spoken about for quite some time and this was the first ring He that gave me. This was 8+ years ago.

Back then I was very afraid that the clitoral hood piercing might cause damage and that I might not be able to have proper clitoral orgasms anymore. I’ve read quite a lot about this piercing and came to the conclusion that it could only enhance, not damage.

Whenever I am alone and have permission to masturbate, I have a clitoral orgasm. I very rarely have more than one orgasm when I masturbate. That is quite different from when Master T rubs my clitoris, because then I can climax over and over again, wanting more and more to the point where my clitoris might feel quite sensitive the next day or two. The reason for this difference is quite obvious: where Master T can give me endless pleasure by making me orgasm over and over again when rubbing my clitoris, I know exactly how hard to press, how to move and when to move quicker or slower to bring me to a huge climax. I have mastered this in the years between relationships.

I always start by feeling how wet I am and wetting my fingers with my own juices. Those fluids are spread to my waiting button. The piercing never gets in the way. At first I only circle my clitoris, using my index finger. Sometimes I pull the piercing, or pull my clitoral hood back to see my clitoris. I like looking at myself when I am playing, so I am always on my back with my legs pulled up and spread. That way I can see best what I am doing. Sometimes I pinch my clitoris or lightly run my nail over it.

Soon I get impatient and put my index and middle fingers on my clitoris, next to each other. My movements are always clockwise. I start slow, enjoying the feeling and trying to postpone the moment that I would climax. If I am in a hurry, I can make myself orgasm within five minutes, if I am really horny. But I mostly don’t last more than 15 minutes. Mostly I don’t even get to 15 minutes. My movements will gradually speed up and soon there will be no circular movements, but I will only be moving my two fingers over my clitoris, pressing down hard and spreading my legs even more.

It is also at this stage that I close my eyes and concentrate only on the feelings between my legs. Sometimes I lift my hips from the surface I am lying on, other times my other hand find my breasts and just knead. There are also times where my other hand would spread my pussy lips wide or pull them up towards my stomach so the skin is tight and my clitoris is more exposed.

My orgasm is mostly quite all-consuming, starting with a tingly feeling somewhere in my legs and somewhere in my chest. It is as if those two feelings run towards my pussy and when they meet, they explode into an orgasm. After these kind of orgasms I feel very satisfied and have shaky legs for minutes afterward.

I don’t masturbate alone very much. Only when I am very horny and I can think of nothing else but an orgasm, I ask Master T for permission and once I have climaxed, I am back to concentrating on whatever I was doing before my thoughts kept on returning to my cunt.

As said above, Master T brings me to one orgasm after the other when He rubs my clitoris. He does it in a totally different way than I do, sometimes using one finger, sometimes more. Sometimes he moves in circular motions, sometimes just to and fro. I climax over and over, getting wetter and wetter, but to have a huge, all-consuming orgasm I need more than only Master T’s fingers on my clitoris.

To be continued… Vaginal orgasm

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2 thoughts on “The ways I orgasm… clitoral

  1. Lovely to read that! Fascinating stuff. I find that partners rarely achieve as powerful orgasms as I can on myself. The main difference is oral sex – little can beat that!

    1. This is fascinating stuff indeed and I hope more women join in with the ways they orgasm. It would be interesting to read!

      Oooooh and oral sex 😉

      Rebel xox

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