A fantasy: The meeting (3/3)

Continued from… The meeting (2/3)

“As wide as you can.”
There was something in his voice that made her forget where she was. Fiona spread her legs. A happy sigh escaped her when he cupped her pussy with his hand. She slightly arched her back when a finger touch her between her legs, disappearing in her wetness.
“You are so wet!”
“I want you Brad,” Fiona begged, “I want you. I am so horny.”
“Not yet, baby. All in good time.”
Brad pulled away and to Fiona’s surprise he started the car. She wanted to sit up, but he told her to stay as she was. Fiona glanced at his hard penis, wanting to take it in her mouth again. Brad pulled out of the parking spot and drove back towards the highway.

From her lying position Fiona could see well into the trucks that they were passing. It was as if Brad was passing the trucks slower than necessary. Where before she was shy about them seeing her, she now wanted them to see her. But no one seemed to notice. Soon she had no attention for the truckers anymore. Brad had told her to bring herself to climax. Fiona’s hand was between her legs instantly. She needed the release and if Brad was not going to help her with it, she would gladly do it herself. Her pussy was bathing in the hot summer sun and this just caused her to feel hotter than she already was – hot in a very horny way. She lowered her left leg, turned a bit and put her knee on the seat next to her. Her right foot was still on the dashboard. Brad now had a clear view on her wide spread pussy. Fiona kept her eyes on him. The look of lust on his face each time he looked at her, excited her more.

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Her fingers disappeared into her wetness. She felt the tightness of her inside folds. Three fingers were inside her as she started to fuck herself. In and out her fingers moved. She spread the wetness all over her pussy – on her labia, on her clitoris. Then she returned to fingering herself. One finger, two, three. In and out. Back to her sensitive clitoris, feeling her hard button twitch under her touch.
“I want you to come for me, Fiona,” Brad said.
Fiona smiled and closed her eyes again. Her right hand was teasing her pussy. With her left hand she rolled her hard left nipple between her fingers. She pushed three fingers deep into her pussy again and pulled them out. In again, hard… and out. And again. Her next movement took her fingers to her clitoris and there they stayed. She softly circled her swollen clitoris.

Brad had difficulty concentrating on the traffic around him. He wanted to watch Fiona constantly. The way she was touching herself kept his cock rock hard. How he wanted to fuck her, but for this meeting he had something else in mind. He pushed her hand away from her left breast. Now he was the one rolling the nipple between his fingers while Fiona’s sped up the pace at which she was rubbing her clitoris. She moaned and sighed. She panted. She pushed her hips forward, spreading her pussy more, giving him a clear view of her inner pink and delicious wetness. His touch on her nipple grew firmer, which made Fiona moan louder. Her fingers moved at a lightning speed. Her moaning got louder. He pinched her more, noticing how this seem to excite her more.

And then she climaxed. A bit of fluid spurted from her pussy when her orgasm hit. Brad promised himself that he wanted to watch closely the next time she spurted. But it would have to wait. Fiona’s hand lay still against her pussy, partly covering it. Brad slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her towards him. She got onto the seat on her knees. Her ass, still uncovered, was up in the air. She took him in her mouth. Her movements were determined. Fiona was not going to stop. This time she would bring him to climax in her mouth, she decided. Her touch was firm, her mouth soft and wet. Brad knew it would not take long. Fiona did not notice that they were not on the highway anymore, that Brad had driven back into the city. She did not notice him stopping at traffic lights and she did not once realize that people on the pavement might see what she was doing. She sucked Brad’s cock, enjoying the feel of it against her tongue, the insides of her cheeks and the back of her throat. She listened to his moans. She felt the tightening of his muscles and then she felt the first spurt of his cum in the back of her throat. Quickly she swallowed, ready for the next. After swallowing several times, she slowly and reluctantly let go of him.

“I think you should cover yourself,” he said softly.
Fiona quickly pulled her dress down over her ass and up over her tits. In the same motion she turned in the seat to sit. Only then she noticed that they were back at the station. Their meeting had come to an end. She leaned over to kiss him.

“I will keep your underwear until next time.”

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