A fantasy: The meeting (2/3)

Continued from… The meeting (1/3)

She grabbed the fabric of her dress and started to pull it up.
“Don’t,” Brad said as he slapped the wrist of her left hand. Fiona lowered her hands. She moaned as Brad harshly pinched her left nipple.
“Sit on your hands,” Brad said.
This time Fiona did not hesitate. She lifted her ass and pushed her hands under her buttocks. This straightened her back, pulled her shoulders backwards and pushed her breasts forward. Keeping his left hand on the steering wheel and his eye son the road, Brad reached over to Fiona’s exposed breasts. Alternating between the two he rolled her nipples between his fingers, occasionally pinching her again. He cupped her breast, feeling how they filled his entire had and weighing them in his hand. He loved the feeling of her breasts in his hands and the hard nipple pressing against his palm. Fiona sat with her eyes closed, enjoying the fondling and not worried anymore that someone could see her.

She opened her eyes when the car came to a halt. Brad had pulled into a parking space behind a tanking station next to the highway. There was enough space for about twenty cars to park and some bigger places for about the same number of trucks. Half of the truck spaces were filled and Fiona could see three cars parked quite a distance from them. They were in the last parking space, furthest from the tanking station.

Fiona was still looking around to see whether there were people close enough to see her exposed bosom. The sound of a zipper made her turn her head towards Brad. He was unzipping his pants. The button was already undone. In one swift movement he lifted himself off the seat and pushed his pants and underpants down towards his knees. His hard cock was freed from its confinement.
“Suck me,” he ordered.
Fiona quickly unfastened her safety belt and bent towards him. She closed her fingers around his shaft and softly licked the tip of his cock. There was a bit of precum there and it tasted good. Fiona opened her mouth wide and slowly took Brad’s hard cock in her mouth.

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Up and down she moved her mouth. She sucked and licked and took him in her mouth as deep as she could. Brad moaned and sighed. Fiona liked the sounds of that, knowing that he was enjoying it. Not only her mouth was working at pleasing him. Her hand moved up and down in the same pace as her mouth. Her movements became more urgent. She wanted to bring him to climax. Giving him this pleasure – being able at last to act out the words she had typed on the screen so many times – almost excited her more than his touch. She felt a trickle of wetness running down her thigh. It made her smile. She was incredibly horny. She slowed the movement of her hand and mouth. Her grip on his shaft was firmer as she still moved her hand up and down. Her mouth followed her hand and she felt the tip of his cock pressing at the back of her throat. Fiona held the position for some time before she had to come up for a breathe of air.

A low grunt from Brad made her smile again, but the smile disappeared as she felt his hand in her hair, pulling her face away from his cock.
“I don’t want you to finish me now,” he said as she looked at him, “I have other plans for you first.
Fiona feel disappointment. She wanted to feel him cumming in her mouth. Brad saw the disappointment on her face.
“All in good time, baby, all in good time,” he soothed.
Fiona sat back in her chair, but Brad pulled her closer again and kissed her. It was a sensually erotic kiss, leaving her gasping and her pussy begging to be touch. Her tits were still exposed, but Fiona paid no more attention to this. She did not notice a trucker standing a couple of meters from them, smoking. He was watching them and smiling at Brad, who had noticed him.

Fiona felt the back of the chair disappearing behind her. Brad had tilted it backwards.
“Lie down,” he said and Fiona gladly did. Her pussy was wet and waiting.
“Pull your dress up around your hips,” Brad spoke again.
Again Fiona obeyed, even though she felt shy for exposing herself to Brad in real life for the first time. He has seen her naked on the webcam a couple of times, but this was different. Her shyness quickly disappeared and her horny feelings took over. Brad gently ran his hand up her inner thigh towards her sex, but he did not touch her pussy. He did the same on the other side and then lay his hand on her stomach, pushing the dress up some more.
“Put your feet on the dashboard,” he said.
Fiona did, keeping her knees together.
Brad bent forward and kissed her again. He pushed his hand between her thighs and moved it towards her knees.
“Spread your legs,” he whispered against her mouth. Fiona spread her legs slightly.
“As wide as you can.”
Fiona hesitated.

To be continued… The meeting (3/3)

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