“Oh, I was going to give you a kiss, but then you were too busy with your phone,” I said to Master T just after I have closed my laptop for the evening. I said it in a teasing voice.

“Come give me that kiss now,” He said.
“Seriously?” I asked, still teasing.
“Now.” He said and I knew I had to stop my teasing.
I went to Him, got on my knees and leaned in for a kiss. He kissed me and His hands cupped my breasts. Still kissing me, His hands traveled down to the edge of my sweater. Master T pulled my sweater up over my breasts, exposing them and finding my right nipple with his mouth. I was still wearing my nipple charms. He pulled them off and then His mouth closed over my nipple again. He sucked hard while pinching the other. He bit my nipples, making me moan with pain. Each nipple received the same treatment.

His hands moved down to the top of my pants and pushed them down to just above my knees. He found the wetness between my legs, but stopped rubbing me far too quickly. One more kiss and then He told me to stay on my knees, sit back on my feet, hands behind my back and to watch the rest of the documentary that was on television.

Constantly His hand rested on my head, sometimes stroking my hair. Sitting there with my breasts and ass exposed I felt small. It was not humiliating at all, but obeying Master T felt special. It made me feel loved and protected. There was nothing more I wanted to do at that very moment than what He expected of me. As I sat there, I felt myself go wet. Very wet. Wetness escaped my pussy and my clit was throbbing, begging to be touched. My nipples were hard and aching for His ungentle touch.


My legs started to feel numb, so I moved a bit. And again. And again. His hand lowered to between my shoulder blades and He pushed lightly. I bent forward. My head rested on the floor, my ass was up in the air. Master T found my wetness again and spread it towards my clitoris. He slowly circled my clitoris with His finger, using my juices as lubricant. He brought me close to orgasm before His fingers slipped back into my wetness. Again His fingers moved back to my clitoris. Again His rubbing brought me close to orgasm and again He stopped just before I could orgasm. After a couple of times I felt the frustration, until He dipped His fingers back into my wetness and without pardon pushed one finger deep into my ass.

“Come for me, slut,” Master T said only a second before my orgasm took hold of my body. I stayed in the position that I was in, my head on the floor, my naked ass in the air, even after Master T withdrew His hand. Only minutes later Master T ordered me to go upstairs, to bed, and soon He followed me.

We did not go to sleep. Well, not right away…

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