Fireman Sam’s Visit

The first time I met Fireman Sam was at our international airport. He was a bit shy and was hiding away from the buzz around him. In the car on our way home, Sam was not in a talking mood. He just lay there in his dark corner and preferred to stay there until late evening when we went to bed. Sam told us about his visit with Molly and the idea to go on a world tour. From there on he went to Black Silk in Wales and then on to Belgium to visit Lady Laid Blair. The next stop was with Rose and then he decided that while he was in the Netherlands, he would also visit us. But he was tired and needed to rest before he would be up for any kind of sexy fun. We assigned him his place in the bedroom and decided to wait until he was ready.

It took quite some time for Sam to be ready. He was so quiet while resting that we almost forgot about him. Then, just before we were off for a fun weekend with friends, Sam suddenly spoke! He wanted to join us for the weekend. We looked at each other doubtfully. Did we really want him to join us? Sam looked sad and eventually we agreed: he could come with us.
“Oh, then I want to be with you and Dena,” Sam demanded.
I tried to explain to him that it was not for me to decide that. Sam was not happy with my answer. In fact, he got a little bit angry with me. I told him that I would see what I could do… and forgot about him. Only when we were packing our stuff to go home after the weekend, I remembered about Sam again. I quietly put him in the car and when some weeks later I dared to open the box, he came out screaming. He was furious. How could I have forgotten about him? How could I be so mean to deny him his chance to be with two women? And how dare I ignore him for so long after that weekend?

Sam’s voice seemed to sound less angry as he noticed my nakedness. I had just taken a shower when I decided to see how Sam was doing.
“I want to lick you,” Sam said.
“But…” I started to say.
“No, but!” Sam raised his voice again, “I want to lick you and I want to lick you now!”
I felt very guilty for how I have treated Sam up to now, so took him from the box and put his face against my crotch. He started to lick me. Even though I enjoyed this, there was one thought that bugged me: what would happen if deflated Sam got an erection? The thought had just crossed my mind when Sam stopped licking me and spoke in an urgent voice.
“Blow me, blow me!” he said.
“I can’t blow you, because…”
“I know, I know, I mean blow me up. And quick. It’s hurting in all these folds.”
“What is hurting?” I asked as I started to unroll his body.
“My cock, my erection,” he moaned, “oh damn, woman, just hurry!”

Minutes later Sam was inflated and standing in front of me with an impressive erection.
“Now suck me!” he demanded and pushed his erection against my stomach. I crouched in front of him, my hands on his butt and took him in my mouth. Sam moaned and sighed. Apparently what I was doing felt good. He watched every move of my mouth. I could not get all of his cock in my mouth as it was just far too big. Sam pulled me towards the bed, lay down on his back and held his cock up for me to take in my mouth again. I continued to suck him.


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Soon Sam was moaning again. I wondered whether he was going to climax and if I would have to swallow. I worried about how much I would be able to swallow. I mean, I have never sucked such a big cock and what if the amount of cum that came from it was too much for me to swallow? But I did not have to worry about that. Sam told me to get on my knees and he moved in behind me.
“Ah, such a fine ass,” he murmured as his hands touched me. I felt his cock pressing against me and he slowly pushed forward…

When we lay together afterward, I wanted to know whether Sam was still angry with me. He waved my concerns away and told me that I have thoroughly made up for it. I felt relieved.
“There’s just one more thing,” Sam said.
With a bit of worry I asked what it was.
“I want to kiss your nipple,” he said and I laughed as I offered my breast to him.

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  1. Love the story. Very well written.
    Not sure I could have Sam around at the moment as I probably injure him with my cast. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maggi xx

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