Different kinds of submissives

Months ago, when this idea popped into my head, I made a note about wanting to write about the different kinds of subs out there. Two years into this lifestyle, which also means two years into reading blogs and tweets of other submissives, have me amazed at the different kinds of people we are.

There’s Molly, a strong woman, in my eyes a leader in the sex blog community, married to her Dom and living a 24/7 D/s relationship. We have so many things in common, so many similar experiences. And, she’s sexy as hell. Mina is another strong woman and sub that I have been following almost from the moment that I started my blog. I have seen her struggle with her submission, leave it behind and return to it again. Mina is a sexy woman, very knowledgeable about D/s and when she writes about it, her words are clear and very easy to understand. Just like Molly, her honest words always touch me. Both of them have managed to get discussions going with their posts and this I truly admire.

Other subs I follow are Emily Daniel, who wants to submit to her vanilla husband. Together they are exploring his kinky side. Dirty Lola, Curvaceous Dee, Kazi, Phoenix, Just a girl, Mia, Plumptious Pea, The Winsome Gypsy, Being Blacksilk, GeekyNymph. Some of these ladies switch in their relationships. Others have take a step away from the lifestyle. Yet again others have recently found their new loves and it endears me to see them so incredibly happy. But one thing that stands out is that each and everyone of these woman are strong. They are creative in many ways ~ writing fantasies or poems, drawing, painting, photography or even just spotting the beautiful things in daily life. They are kind and friendly and respectful. Certainly a bunch of woman I like to talk to and I would like to meet all of them in real life.

While doing some research about different kinds of submissives, I came across a couple of interesting articles. One I really found interesting is one I stumbled upon on the website of Jenstalks. It was mainly the diagram in the post that drew my attention. Another article that sheds some light on the different kinds of submissives is the article on the Submissive Guide: The Many Faces of Submission. I don’t like to be put into a category, but it does shed some light onto the different kinds of submissives, especially for people who are new to the lifestyle. Some more information that caught my attention is the article about the different types of BDSM relationships. Yet again, wanting to put anything into a category is not the reason why I list this. The article does have some information in it that is interesting to read, especially if you have only just started your BDSM journey.

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This post is not to highlight the differences between subs. This post is also not about showing the comparisons between the different subs. This post is about the mentioned submissives and all other submissives out there all being individuals in their own right. They are all the same and they are all different. They are mothers and daughters. They are professionals working their daily jobs. They are friends to vanilla and kinky people. I love how each of them have her own personality, her own things that keep her busy, her own style of blogging, her own individuality. I love how they respectfully agree or disagree with others. I love how each of them love to help anyone who has questions about the lifestyle, but how they would not allow anyone to just bulldoze them into any kind of unwanted conversation.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful subs out there. I am proud to be one of you!

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