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I was going to post something totally different (and sexy) for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, but something happened on Monday that just left this feeling in me that I had to write this post.

I have been so angry! I still feel the irritation bubbling up when I just think of it!

On Monday I was informed that content of my site was copied and posted on someone else’s blog and whether I was aware of it or have maybe given permission for it. I have never given permission to anyone to copy any of my work. No one! But still, following the link I was sent, there it was: numerous of my posts could be read on Provocative Jane. I was at my work at the time, but wanted to take action immediately. I commented on one of MY posts on Provocative Jane, telling her that I have not given her ANY permission to repost my content. I asked Provocative Jane to immediately remove ALL of my posts from her website or she would be reported! Three hours later I checked and all my posts were removed. But, my name still popped up on her site when I did a search. Why? Because she had also reposted a post in which Molly had mentioned me. I immediately informed Molly. And when I came home, I joined Molly in informing other bloggers that their content was stolen by Provocative Jane. There is absolutely no original content on this blog and it seems like she is stealing content using the RSS feed of other blogs.

copyrightThis is just so wrong! How can someone just steal someone else’s work? I have a notice in my sidebar, asking people not to copy any of my content without asking for permission. Also, the footer of my blog has a clear ‘all rights reserved‘ message. Why do someone like Provocative Jane just ignore that? And even if a blog has NO copyright notice on it, isn’t it just good manners to ASK before you repost something on your own blog the way that Provocative Jane did? I don’t mind people linking back to my posts. In fact, I welcome that. But do not copy it without permission from me. That is just so wrong! Disrespectful!

Doesn’t Provocative Jane or anyone else who steals content from blogs understand that we work very hard to make our blogs what it is? That is is our intellectual content, our creations? I know how much work I put into my blog and I think every other (erotic) blogger works just as hard. I work on my blog every single day of the week for as many hours as I can. It’s like having a second job – a job I thoroughly enjoy. The fact that I share my words online gives NO ONE the right to just copy my words! All words on there are MINE. Everyone may read them, everyone may link back to them, everyone may tell others about them, but NO ONE is allowed to just steal them!

I will keep an eye on the blog of Provocative Jane and I will inform people when I see their work on there and I suspect it has been re-posted without permission. I will do the same with any other website(s) I might come across that unrighteously re-post any content from any other blogger. I will inform the bloggers and I will report the website for theft.

But not all that happened on Monday was negative…

The theft by Provocative Jane has shown me yet again how loving and caring the erotic blogging community is. First there was Ruby who warned me. Then I warned Molly. Then Molly started warning lots of people whose posts she found on the site of the provocative bi…. uh, Jane. I joined in some hours later, but played only a small role in warning people, since Molly had already warned a lot of people. Those people in turn warned others who they knew. It was like a pebble had been thrown in a pond. The ripples spread out to reach as many people as possible and warn them about the theft of their content. We all watch out for each other. We help each other. We give each other advice. We tease each other lovingly. We are fond of each other. We are proud of each other.

And we will continue to be just this: a tight community looking out for each other.

Now, do you have copyright on your site? If not, you might want to put it on there, because just like my words are my property, your words are yours. Do you have any advice for anyone one how to improve their copyright? Please let them know. Let’s keep on watching out for each other!

Note: In the meantime the website of Provocative Jane has been taken down.

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31 thoughts on “Copyrighted content

  1. Are you aware that Provocative Jane is back up and running as from February this year? I suspect on a very different footing from what it was but you may want to check it just in case as you saw it before it was closed down. There appears to be no search function available.

    Just thought you may like to know!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Had the same thing happen a few years back with the Scandal Shack. Sounds like whoever is running this site though, is a lot easier to deal with than the person who is running the Scandal Shack. He was an absolute jerk who would sling insults at you even if you politely filled out the proper forms to have your material taken off his site. I had to go to his site host in order to get my stuff removed.

    1. I immediately remembered the encounter you had back then. Indeed, we had ‘luck’ that this was a lot easier than when you had to deal with Scandal Shack. from what Molly said, the owner of this domain was very polite.

  3. Thank you so much for the warning. I cannot see if any of my content has been stolen as it is currently a “private” blog.

    Keep up your hard work, it is very much appreciated by many people.


  4. I’ve never considered that someone would steal from my blog. I will have to see about putting some kind of protection in place, at least a copyright notice of some sort. I am still so very new to it all.

    Yay to everyone for reporting and notifying others their work was on the site. We really are a large group of friends who look out for each other, despite the fact we are on all corners of the earth and many only know each other through their online presence. I for one am “Proud” to be a part of this wonderful community.


    1. If you need help with the copyright thing, just yell. I’m always willing to help 🙂

      I love to count you as one of this large group of friends!

      Rebel xox

  5. I saw the pebble in the pond effect on twitter and thought it was amazing. Blogging is like a second job, and it takes creativity, hours, and devotion. For someone to just swipe that is unconsciousable. Even if I am inspired, but do not take any words, I still credit who inspired me. I love this community.

    1. Indeed, I always jokingly say that my blog is my second job – and it’s actually the job I like the most. And yes, I too always give credit when I use someone else’s words – whether in writing or in speech.

      Rebel xox

  6. It’s so sad when this happens. I’m so glad to see that everyone stuck together on this. I know how furious it can make you when someone steals your work. Shame, shame, shame on them!

    Your post is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Well that’s wicked, indeed. Thanks for sharing it. This is something I have little experience in, and one wonders. It seems almost impossible to believe that one’s own work won’t be pirated at some point. Just makes you kind of sick. Best to you, Rebel, and sorry about your lost day.

    1. All we can do is make sure everyone know that we have copyright and then if we find our work stolen, to report the thief and to warn others. As long as we stand together, we are stronger 🙂

      Rebel xox

  8. OH that drives me insane.. People act like Oh I will make a blog and I will make it look like I wrote it. Our writing is hard work, period. It is often our heart, soul, sweat, tears, fears and deepest desires all being poured out and for someone to just copy it and post it elsewhere is bullcrap. I am glad you got your stuff removed and everyone is learning about her sneakiness. The best thing is because you have that copyrighted you are legally allowed to sue her for use of your property especially if her using it has enabled her to benefit through gaining the ability to claim readership for jobs.. hmmmm

    1. I was dumbfounded when I found my content there after being alerted by Ruby of #Eroticon. And then I got angry. And frustrated because I was at my work and could not immediately start to warn others. I have learned from this experience and next time I will know what to do.
      As you said, it’s our hard work and people should just respect that, not steal it!

      Rebel xox

  9. While I whole heartedly agree that our words are our property I can’t tell you how amazed and pleasantly surprised I was by the response of you and Molly. In the past I’ve seen some bloggers state that their content had been stolen and to make sure yours wasn’t on there but proactively notifying friends and others says a lot.

    1. I think for both Molly and me it was a natural thing to do: warn others. And others warned others and so the word spread. It was wonderful to see it happen 🙂

      Rebel xox

  10. It’s terribly sad that people feel the need to steal other’s content of any kind instead of having a little imagination of their own.

    I am a teenytiny unknown part of the erotic blogging community but it makes me feel terribly proud to see people helping each other & being one huge voice.

    Pea ~x~

    1. You are a valued part of this community, dear Pea, and just like you, I am proud to see how everyone helps each other.

      Shame on people who steal content!

      Rebel xox

  11. I am so sorry this happened to you!! Her blog seems to be up again, but to invited readers only.

    I have copyright on my site, though I recently had to take one of my protections down because the plug-in interfered with other things. I will use pictures that I take from free domain but would never think of consciously stealing another’s work like that.

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I too use pictures from free domains, but always give credit to those domains. I would never post anything on my site without either giving credit or asking before I do so. And in the meantime I have also added a copyright to my RSS feed.

      Rebel xox

  12. Unfortunately, I have seen this type of thing dozens of times over in the ‘blackhat’ affiliate world. More than likely, his plan was to fill a new site with scraped content that fit whatever ‘niche’ he as hoping to target. Once Google and other search engines found the site and it was looking good in the rankings, he would start adding in affiliate ads and start to earn money from your hard work.

    I say “he” because the site is owned by John Brett, and his email address is . This info is public domain info, since he was not smart enough to add whois protection to the site. (Can be seen at <a href="; Go Daddy's Whois search.

    I strongly suggest anyone that had material stolen and added to this site mail Mr Brett and require a login and password to this now protected site to ensure that your work is no longer on there. Remember – the person who put the content on that site is a thief, and I know I wouldn’t trust the word of a thief. Be sure yourself that your material is not hidden behind a “private” wall.

    1. Thanks so much for this informative comment hun! I will make sure to send Mr. Brett an e-mail. At least one of us should be able to get into the blog and check if our content is stolen again.

  13. It’s so rotten when that happens! I’ve had it happen three times (that I am aware of) to my content, and it drives me nuts! I’ve got so many different things in place to make scraping as challenging as possible for them – and to send readers right back to my site if they still manage it – but if they’re determined enough it still happens. Drives me nuts.

    *hugs* and hooray for our awesome community!

    xx Dee

    1. It certainly drove me nuts yes! But indeed, hooray for our awesome community! I love how we all look out for each other 🙂

      Rebel xox

  14. Thank you for posting this. It is good to note that our lovely blogging community is so proactive.

    I followed the link back to her blog to find that it is now only open to invited readers so she could still be stealing content but now we cannot check this unless we are invited to view her blog!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  15. Just tried to check out that site for our stuff. It’s now a closed Blog – invited readers only.

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