Book review: Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield

When I bought Subtext by Kate Marley I also bought Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield. After reading Subtext and enjoying it very much, I grabbed Carrie’s Story and started reading. Very soon I realized that this was a total different story. Where Subtext was about a submissive, Carrie’s story was about a slave. I have read somewhere: All slaves are submissive but not all those who are submissive are slaves.

The story starts with the sentence “I had been Jonathan’s slave for one year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction.”

Carrie was a student when she met Jonathan at a party where she happened to watch a S/M film that someone had made when he needed money. Jonathan wandered in, they had a conversation and then he told her that he wanted her to be his slave. He gave her his address on a piece of paper and told her what time she should be at his house the next day. She went. He literally ‘inspected’ her before he approved of her. Carrie signed on and the training to become Jonathan’s slave started.

The training involved anything you can imagine from spankings with different implements, nipple clamps, collars and leashes, corsets, posture, licking and sucking him and having herself ready to be used by Jonathan at all times. After she had fucked someone else, Jonathan brought in other men and later even women who were allowed to use Carrie too. And then he told her that he wanted to sell her at an auction.

Carrie moved in with Jonathan two weeks before the auction for a more intense training. During those weeks she received an additional training at a pony farm. And then it was time to leave for Paris, to go to the auction. She had to pass the trials before she would be allowed to be sold at the auction. She passed and for some days afterwards Carrie was trained some more, while all the time the masters and mistresses were preparing her and many other slaves for the auction. Buyers were present too for the week, prodding, poking and using slaves to see whether they are suitable to be bought.

There are quite some interesting twists and turns in the book and lots of mindfucks, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also loved the twist at the end of the book and wished the story did not stop there. But I have learned that there is a book called Safe Word in which Carrie’s story continues. Guess, what? I will be reading that one too!


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