Bar Entertainment (3/4)

Continued from… Bar Entertainment (2/4)


Vicky sighed, afraid that this might become the theme of this evening. She did not have time to dwell on this thought. Just as she wanted to straighten up from where she was still bent over onto the bar stool, a hand touched her arm.
“Come with me,” a man’s voice said.
Vicky was led to the short side of the bar, now in clear view of about 75% of the tables in the restaurant. She quickly glanced towards the tables and caught her breath when she realized that virtually everyone was watching her. Vicky faltered. She stopped walking. This cannot be true. How could she go on with this?

“Remember your promise,” the man next to her said. He was still holding her arm. His words shocked Vicky back into movement. She walked with the man. He turned her to face the bar.
“Get onto the stool,” he said and Vicky obeyed.
He pushed another stool closer and told her to sit on both of the stools. Vicky looked at him with a question in her eyes. He helped her until she was balancing on the two stools. Her thighs were on the seats, her legs spread wide, her ass hanging in mid air. Actually, everything was spread… her legs, her pussy, her ass.

The man disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the bar. In his hand he held her glass of wine. He gave it to Vicky and she took a sip. He held his hand out to take the glass from her. Vicky’s eyes grew wide when the man started to climb onto the bar. He sat down right in front of her, his crotch at her face and zipped open his pants. Vicky instantly knew what he was doing. Out came his half-hard cock.
“Use your mouth, not your hands,” he said as he held his member in his hand, offering it to the woman in front of him.

Vicky leaned forward to take him in her mouth. He immediately put his other hand on the back of her head, holding her gently but firmly in this position. Vicky wanted to pull back when she felt movement at her feet, but the man told her to continue with what she was doing. She slowly moved her mouth up and down his shaft. He was still holding his cock. She moaned out loud when she felt a warm mouth closing over her clitoris. She had no idea who was between her legs, but she instinctively spread her legs wider to give the licker some room. There was movement to her left and she turned her eyes towards it. She instantly stopped her sucking motion when she saw the people standing at the bar, watching her. When she turned her eyes to the right, she realized that more people were watching.

Her face turned red as she blushed and yet again she wanted to turn away, but the hand behind her head was still holding her in place. The tongue between her legs was teasing her clitoris and alternately lightly nibbling at her pussy lips. Vicky realized that there was no way she was going to get out of the situation that she was in. She was not even sure that she wanted to get out of it anymore. Yes, she felt very self-conscious knowing that everyone was watching her and that she was submitting herself to sexual acts because she had promised her husband that she would be obedient. A good girl. Yes, that was it, she wanted to be a good girl. She wanted nothing more than her husband’s praise. She wanted to obey him. Vicky surrendered herself to all the wonderful feelings and sensations.

A moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as the licking between her legs brought her to her first orgasm. Vicky spread her legs some more. This was her message to the woman: more. At the same time she changed her sucking rhythm. She sucked, she licked, she teased. She took all of the cock into her mouth and then let it slip out until only the head was caught between her lips. She gently grazed her teeth across the tender flesh and then covered the stiff member with her mouth again. And she waited. Waited for the lips and tongue to touch her own tender flesh again.

It was not lips or a tongue that touched Vicky next. Something cold slipped into her wetness and was pushed all the way into her. It was pulled out again and slipped back in. Vicky was being fucked with a dildo. Something cold also touched her asshole. For seconds Vicky thought that another dildo would be slipping into her ass, but then she understood that someone was spreading lubricant between her buttocks. This excited her even more. Her movements around the cock sped up. Her sucking was firmer. The cock disappeared deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. The man could not hold it out for much longer. His semen hit the back of her throat as he held her firmly in place. She gagged around his cock, trying to swallow. Some of the white, sticky fluid spilled from her mouth and some she could swallow before the next jet erupted from the man’s penis.

To be continued… Bar Entertainment (4/4)

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