Bar Entertainment (2/4)

Continued from… Bar Entertainment (1/4)

Again Vicky’s eyes grew wide. Who were writing these notes? Someone must be watching her, but who? Her husband? She had not seen him enter the restaurant though? The barman was busy constantly and did not even look at her. Was there someone else? She tried, but the lights reflecting in the mirrors in the middle of the bar made it difficult for her to see if there was anyone sitting on the other side of the bar. Her attention turned towards the restaurant and she saw that the same man was still watching her. The smile was still on his face, but there was something else. Lust? Expectation?

Slowly Vicky spread her legs. Since she was on a bar stool, her crotch was more or less at the same height as the face of the man. She blushed and turned her face away from him. She hoped that the low lighting will make it impossible for him to see anything. When she looked back, he was gone. Vicky quickly pressed her legs together firmly again. She reached for her glass and noticed another note right next to it. Again she unfolded the piece of paper to read the words written on it.

“Turn around,” a voice said behind her.
Vicky turned towards the voice. The man who only moments before was watching her from his table, was now standing very close to her.
“Spread your legs,” he said and she obeyed, remembering that she had promised to follow every order she would receive that evening, no matter from whom it came.
The man slipped his hand under her short skirt and found the wetness between her legs. Even Vicky was surprised as to how wet she was and how easily the man could slip two fingers inside her.
“Spread wider,” he said and again Vicky obeyed. Beneath her see-through blouse her nipples were hard and clearly visible as they pressed against the thin fabric.

The man started fucking her with his two fingers. Vicky blushed when she heard the sopping sound of her wetness. She almost moved away from his hand, but the fingers held her in place and even had her spread her legs some more to receive more pleasure. Her breathing quickened under the onslaught of the two fingers. Her nipples hardened even more. Vicky arched her back and closed her eyes. Her orgasm was nearing and suddenly she did not care who was watching.

It stopped.

The fingers were gone. The sound of her wetness had stopped. Her eyes flew open, just in time to see the man disappear from the bar. He rejoined the people still sitting at his table and talked to them as if nothing has happened. He did not even look in her direction. Vicky was puzzled, but had no time to dwell on the thought.

“Sit still,” a female voice said and seconds later Vicky felt hands undoing the button of her skirt. The sound of her zipper being pulled down sounded like canon fire in her ears. Vicky’s heart rate increased dramatically. Even more so when hands reached around from the back, caressed her breasts, twitched her nipples and then continued to unbutton her blouse. The blouse was pulled backwards over her shoulders and down her arms. Vicky pulled her arms out of the sleeves. She did not dare to look in the general direction of the restaurant and hoped that everyone was so occupied with what they were doing that they did not see her sitting naked at the bar.

“Get off the stool,” the woman’s voice commanded again. Vicky stepped off the stool and immediately her skirt was yanked downward. She stepped out of it when told to do so. Vicky was now facing the people in the restaurant, but still not looking at them. She kept starting at one spot on the floor, not far away from her. A feeling of humiliation overcame her. There she was, in a public place, wearing only her garter belt, stockings and high heels. However, three was something that kept her standing right where she was – a feeling of wanting to please. Wanting to please her husband. Wanting to keep the promise that she had made him.

Soft hands ran from her shoulders down her back towards her hips. Vicky sighed and closed her eyes. The line of her buttocks was followed and the hands stopped in the middle. One hand pushed forward, finding her wetness. The other hand moved to between her shoulder blades and gently pushed. Vicky slowly bent forward until her upper body touched a bar stool. Her legs were kicked apart and her pussy was fingered by the woman standing behind her – a woman Vicky still had not lain eyes upon. She wriggled her ass and pushed against the hand, trying to get to an orgasm, but like with the fingering earlier, the fingering now also stopped just as she was getting closer to her orgasm.

To be continued… Bar Entertainment (3/4)

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