A fantasy: The meeting (1/3)

This story is a mixture of a real meeting I had many years ago and some of my fantasies.

It was with mixed feelings that she got off the train and slowly walked to the front of the station where he said he would be waiting. Fiona was nervous. She thought she knew Brad and that it would be save to meet him. Now she worried. What did she really know about him? They have been chatting on IM for about two months now and they have played out quite some intense fantasies while doing so. A rush of excitement went through her body when she thought of the times that she had pleasured herself during the chats, while his words on the screen told her exactly what to do.

Suddenly Fiona was at the entrance of the station. Apparently her pace had quickened while she was thinking about the cybersex they had. She realized that her excitement carried her here and had suppressed her nervous feelings. A twitch of nerves in her stomach alerted her brains that Brad was walking towards her from where his car was parked. Without hesitation he hugged her and kissed both her cheeks. They both said “hello” at the same time. Brad smiled down at her, took her hand and walked her to his car. Fiona smiled up at him as he opened the door for her to get in on the passenger side. He walked around to the other side of the car and by the time he got in, she had already fastened her safety belt.

Brad started the car and accelerated. He drove only about fifty meters before he hit the brakes.
“Take your panties off,” he said, smiling at Fiona.
“Now,” he interrupted her. It was not uncommon for Brad to give Fiona orders, but reading the words on a computer screen was somewhat different than hearing them in the small space of the car. Fiona looked around. It was a busy station and people were passing in front and behind the car. Not constantly, but still, they were there! She looked at Brad to protest again. He was not smiling anymore. Fiona slowly pulled up the sides of her dress, making sure that enough fabric covered her front. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her thong and pulled it down, pulling down the fabric of her dress in the process.

Brad was holding up his hand for her thong. She gave it to him and watched as it disappeared in the pocket of his jacket.
“Your bra.”
This time Fiona did not protest. Neither did she move. She just sat there, staring at her hands that lay motionless in her lap. It was quiet for a couple of seconds.
“Your bra, Fiona.”
There was something in the way that he said it that made her move. Fiona supported her back against the back of the seat, lifted her ass a bit and pulled her dress up. When she sat down, she felt the warmth of the leather against her bare ass.

Fiona found the edge of the fabric of her dress, slipped her hands under it and bent her arms backwards. She found the clasp of her bra, grabbed on either side of it and pushed the edges towards each other. In milliseconds her bra was unclasped. One by one she pulled the straps from her shoulders and pulled her arm through it. Only her dress was still keeping the bra in place. She quickly glanced around her, but there were too many people around. Fiona bent forward, pushed her hand into the top of the dress that she was wearing and pulled her bra out. She deposited it into Brad’s waiting hand. He leaned over her, opened glove box and threw her bra in there before slamming it shut again.

Without a word he accelerated the car again and they drove off. The plan for the day was to drive around and to maybe stop somewhere to talk. Of course, both of them knew that there would be a lot of touching, but they had opted not to go to a hotel room on their first real meeting. Fiona regretted this. Him ordering her to take off her underwear have left her terribly horny. Absentmindedly she noticed her surroundings. Brad was driving towards the highway. Silence was maintained until they were on the highway.

“Pull the front of your dress down,” Brad said.
Fiona looked at him. She did not understand what he wanted.
“I want to see your tits,” he spoke again, “pull the front of your dress down.”
“But the people in the other cars will see me,” Fiona protested.
“No, they won’t. Your tits are below the line of the windows,” Brad soothed.
Fiona was not convinced fully. Slowly she pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her breasts and hard nipples. She trapped the fabric of her dress under her breasts. Her nerves were shattered. Anxiously she looked at the cars around them, but no one was looking. She relaxed a bit, until Brad spoke again.
“Only the truckers might be able to see you…”
Fiona gasped.
“… if they pay attention.”

To be continued… The meeting (2/3)

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