101 things in 1001 days

On the last day of 2012 I saw some tweets about a list. Others joined in the conversation and soon I was curious enough to read along. I saw tweets about tweeps being list buddies and teaming up to reach their goals. Eventually I just had to ask what they were talking about. They told me about the Day Zero Project.

I felt an urge to join in, but I first wanted to know more. I was not clear on the buddy part of the list. It turned out that this was simply to encourage each other to work on their lists. To be able to encourage each other and tell the world about their progress, some list buddies created blogs for the two of them to keep the world updated on their list progress. Rose and Agatha-Luise called their blog The List Adventures and Jilly and Rhye called their blog The Goal Mine.

I still doubted whether I should really start on the list, but when Molly and I decided to be list sisters, I was sold. I wanted to participate in 101 things in 1001 days. Before I started with my list, I have already decided that I wanted to be able to blog about every item on it. And I wanted to blog about it on my own site, as in the past I have tried to keep two blogs running and this is just not possible. Wanting to blog about it also meant that the points on my list could not be about interactions with family members or any kind of really vanilla things in my life.

I started with the list and ended up with about 40 items. Then I got stuck. I really did not know how to continue. What else could I possibly put on my list? I took Rose’s advice and looked at her list, but also used the ‘Idea battle‘ on the Day Zero site. It turned out that I was totally overthinking the items for the list. I had to ‘think easier’ and once I started doing that, I ended up with a list with more than 101 items. That was a luxury. Master T looked at the list too – there were some things on it that He had to approve – and He took some things off. I got stuck with less than 101 things again. The last couple of things I put on there was discussed with and approved by Master T. In the week after I made the list, we discussed it again. And again. More things were taken off and new things came in their place. But at last, it was done.

So, here I am.
Ready to start.
On 13-1-13.

101-1001aI have divided my list into several categories:

  • Blogging & Writing
  • Photo / Blogging
  • Sex
  • Sexy
  • Sexy art
  • Sexy socializing
  • Personal pampering
  • Together with Hubby
  • Achievements

Some of my goals may be too ambitious, some of them might sound too easy. However, I have tried to have a careful balance between the ambitious and easy goals. I want to challenge myself, but I do not want to wear myself out trying to reach every goal on my list. The list should be fun, and I think I have a lot of fun things on my list. What’s more, I have until 11 October 2015 to accomplish my goals.

Molly and I won’t have a website together, but we will work together on some items on our lists. One specific item on each of our lists certainly need us to ‘work’ together. It’s number 69 on her list and number 69 on mine. Oh the fun and sexiness…!

Want to join in? Please do. Molly has a page up on her site where you can continuously link your posts about the progress on your list. It’s nice and fun to keep an eye on each other’s progress. Come on, join in, it’s fun!

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