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Blog HopI have been passed a Blog Hop baton by Clive and I accepted. This blog hop is all about interviewing yourself, so you make up your own set of questions and answer them. Clive accepted the baton from Emily Daniel who accepted it from Flexibeast who accepted it from @cuntext who accepted it from Andrea Zanin who accepted it from Clarisse Thorn who accepted it from Richard Jeffrey Newman who… well, you get the picture.

From the last link I have mentioned above, back to @cuntext, all of them have interviewed themselves on the books they are currently writing. From what I could find the blog hop was to introduce new authors to new readers. Flexibeast gave a tongue-in-cheek twist to the interviewing, which turned the focus away from books that were works in progress. Emily Daniel and Clive followed this example, and so will I, since their questions also made me think of a post I have seen on the blog of Mina Lamieux and her husband, where she addressed some frequently assumed assumptions.

So here I am, about to interview myself. It’s easier said than done! Maybe I should just follow Clive’s suggestion to just screw or spank myself… *grins*

Without further ado, here are my questions:

1. When did you first start writing?
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. In school I loved to write essays. Then, when I was about 14 or 15 I wrote my first novel. At that time I also read a lot and some stories really intrigued me. The novel I wrote was about a young girl, early twenties, who was kidnapped by a sheikh and she became part of his harem. There was an erotic overtone in the novel. Yes, I guess writing erotica must be in my genes 😉

2. Why do you write?
Because it is something I need to do. It is part of who I am. I like to write. I like to share. I write because I want to and I write for myself, not for anyone else. I write, because that is a way in which I can express myself. I am a creative person, and other than writing I also draw and paint, but I have decided to focus more on writing than on the others.

3. Why do you tell so explicitly about your sex life?
I like to write and I like sex. So why not combine the two? As said, I like to share. What I write comes from my heart and every word I write about our sex life, is true. If I want to make things up, I write fantasies, which can also be found on this blog. In the almost two years that my blog exists, some people have told me that my blog helped them in some way or the other. If the words on my blog can help others, that is one reason to keep on writing and posting from my heart.

4. Would you like to do more with your writing than only write for this blog?
Oh yes! My one dream is to be published.

5. Have you ever been published?
Yes, I have. I self-published two books some years ago, but that is not the same as being published by a publisher. One book has been written under a pseudonym and the other under my real name. The one written under a pseudonym was about sex, the other was a true story, taken from my life.

6. Do people in your real life know about the books you have published?
Yes, there are some people who know about them. Some know about only the one that has been published under my real name, others know about both of the books.

7. Do people in your real life know about your blog?
Yes. My best friend knows about it and reads my blog. My mom, a colleague and some acquaintances know I have a sex blog, but I have not given them the details about it, such as the URL or the name. None of them have asked either.

8. How would people in your real life react if they accidentally come across your blog?
I have no idea how they would react. I guess some will be shocked, others ‘amused’. But I will only know for sure how people react once they do stumble across my blog and confront me with it.

9. How would you react if someone in your real life confront you with your blog or any of your explicit writings?
This is something that I have thought about a lot. I have come to the point where I know I will ask whoever confronts me to tell me whether they think I am a different person since they know about my sex blog than I was before they knew about it. I will ask them to just respect my choices the same way I respect theirs.
But yet again I should say that I will only know how I will react in any given situation once I am in that situation.

10. Anything else you want to say?
I work hard to make my blog what it is. I love sharing my stories with the world – true or fantasy. I love interacting with all those others out there, be it fellow erotica writers or readers of my blog. There is so much respect in this ‘community’ and I am proud to be a part of it.

I will pass the baton on to Little Miss and her blog, Dirty Little Whispers. I look forward to all the titbits she is going to whisper in our ears 😉

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  1. I particularly enjoyed the ninth question. I haven’t thought of the issue of discovery from that perspective. I don’t think I will, I’ll just wait and see.

  2. Nicely done my favourite Rebel – not as easy as it sounds is it, asking questions of yourself – and 8 and 9 are some of the burning questions that I always squirm to avoid :).

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