Piercing progress

The first week after I was pierced was a week with quite some pain and discomfort. I knew it would be, although by the end of the week it irritated me that the piercings did not heal quicker. I wanted to be fucked, dammit. I needed an orgasm.

The evening of the Sunday that I was pierced, Master T told me to suck Him to a climax. I did. It left me feeling lightly horny, but the pain was enough to dull the horny feelings quite some. During the week I was very careful, especially when using the bathroom. I remember that the first time I had my inner labia pierced, I absentmindedly wiped myself and it hurt for hours after that! There were moments during the first week that it felt as if the piercings could not settle between my labia properly. They hurt and I had to watch not to walk awkwardly.

On Wednesday evening I was in an especially subby mood. I was like a little girl when I joked with Master T that I still had boobies that He could touch. He knows me very well and He knew at that moment that I needed to be touched. But since He does know me well, He knew exactly what would happen if He did touch my tits: I would have wanted more and more and more, resulting in touching my pussy, ignoring the pain and begging to be fucked. And since they did say no sex for at least 4 weeks…

So, Master T did not touch me. He asked me if I wanted to lie in His arms, but I was stubborn and said no. Tears rolled from my eyes. I tried to keep very still. I did not want Him to know how childish I was acting. I realized that I would not be able to sleep. I crawled into His arms and felt my calmness returning.

I was still horny on Thursday. Something amazing happened. I went to the bathroom at work and again, when I came from there, I felt the dull pain between my legs. I sat down on my office chair and still felt the pain. I contracted the muscles in my pussy, willing the pain to stop. A delicious shudder rushed through my body and exploded in my pussy. My breath caught and I looked to see whether my colleagues have heard me. They haven’t. I was amazed when I realized that I had an orgasm. I tensed my pussy muscles again and the same thing happened again. I smiled and just continued with my work.

Carefully being touched by Master T.

I did not have any spontaneous orgasms after that, but I did have some more orgasms a week after I was pierced. Master T fingered me very carefully and not once did my piercings hurt. And again, just a day short from two weeks after my inner labia were pierced again, Master T fingered me again. This time He was a bit less careful than the first time, and again all went well. Once I felt a dull sting, but that was it.

During the second half of the second week after I was pierced, I noticed that when I touched my piercings lightly, there was no tenderness. I remember that the first time I have labia piercings, the hurt only disappeared in the fourth week. So much was different with this second set of labia piercings compared to the first set. The first set bled a lot more than the second set. In my memory when pierced, the first time was a lot more painful than the second. And now it seems that the second set is healed a lot more than the first.

Maybe this mean I would not have to refrain from being fucked for the full four weeks. I guess time will tell…

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  1. I am glad to hear you had spontaneous orgasms/were able to enjoy other foreplay, since I’m sure no sex for 4 weeks must be torture! Hang in there 🙂

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