I needed it…

Christmas Day 2012 brought me some tears. Unexpectedly. Or maybe I should have expected it. I felt pushed aside. Not by the people close to me, but by those somewhat further away. Family. Some should be close family, but they are not. Not anymore. Yes, I have pushed them aside too. I can live my life without them. I have to. I have pushed them aside as an act of self defense. I have long ago noticed that I am not as important to them as they are to me. Because that hurt too much, I started to back away from them. I put some distance between them and me. I concentrated on my close circle – my Husband, my kids, my mom. I do not find it too difficult to keep the distance between me and those family members.

Until it’s Christmas…

Is this why I have come to resent Christmas time? Because it puts me in a reflective mode? Because I long to hear from those who obviously do not long to hear from me? Every year I send them Christmas and New Year’s messages. This year with Christmas I sent nothing. I wanted to see who might think of me.

No one did.

I kept my cool all day, not showing that I felt hurt, until we talked about how short life is and about the reality of death. It as unrelated to my thoughts of those family members, but I cried. No one knew why I really cried. Yes, I cried because I did not want to think about death. But I also cried because I hurt from not hearing from those I thought would at least remember me on Christmas Day.

It left me feeling needy.

I wanted to feel.

I needed to feel my collar around my neck. I wanted to feel it because it symbolizes that I belong to Him. That he wants me. That he loves me. That he claims me. That he will never push me aside.

I know this sounds so weak and whiny, but I needed it. On Christmas night all I wanted was to feel my collar around my neck and His arm around me.

And I did.

It made me feel loved. Wanted. Safe.

I was where I belong.

With Him.

One of my collars...
One of my collars…

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