Highway Fun (2/2)

Continued from… Highway Fun (1/2)

Rebel quickly pulled her dress down, wanting to hide her nakedness from the eyes of the truck driver.
“Don’t” her husband stopped her, “let him watch.”
She looked at him with doubt in her eyes. He was smiling, but there was a strictness on his face that made her obey.
Slowly she pulled her dress back up.
“Now continue to play with yourself the way you just did,” her husband told her.

Her eyes moved from her husband’s face to that of the truck driver, who was trying to divide his attention between the road and the naked woman in the car next to his truck. He smiled when she looked up at him. Rebel suddenly felt brave. This man did not know who she was and what was the chance that she would ever see him again. Why not play along? Certainly it would make the trip home a bit more enjoyable and it would give the truck driver something to tell his colleague drivers.

She smiled and watched the truck driver as she seductively ran her hands over her breasts and down to her inner thighs. Moving back up she stopped at her cunt and slowly spread her pussy lips while she spread her legs wider. She pushed herself up higher against the chair, hoping to give the truck driver a better view. Keeping her labia spread with the fingers on one hand, she slipped two fingers on her other hand into her wetness. The truck driver had difficulty concentrating on both the road and the woman next to him. For a split second Rebel wondered whether they were putting themselves and others in danger, but she was too horny to really care.

Rebel retrieved the bullet vibrator from the folds of her dress that was bundled around her waist. She turned it on to its lowest setting again and pressed it against her clitoris. Her arms were pressed against the side of her body, pushing her breasts and hard nipples upward and together. Her husband reached over and pinched her nipples, making her moan. Rebel threw her head back. Her eyes were closed. All that existed at that moment was she and her vibrator. And of course the knowledge that her husband is showing her off to a perfect stranger.

The lowest setting of the vibrator was not enough anymore. Rebel pushed the button on the back of the bullet vibrator once more to intensify the vibrations to the medium setting. A low growl told her husband that this new setting is what his wife wanted and enjoyed. Rebel ran the vibrator up and down along her pussy lips before she returned the vibrations to her swollen button. Round and round the vibrations went, not really touching her clitoris, but close enough to make her yearn for more. Rebel wanted to last as long as possible before she would surrender to her orgasm.

Her body was impatient. She pushed the button on the back of the vibrator once more. The vibrations were now at the highest speed the tiny toy can deliver. Rebel opened her eyes and saw that the driver was still watching her. She moved the tip of the vibrator to her nipples while she watched him. He smiled broadly and again he put his thumb in the air. Rebel smiled at him. The vibrator found her wetness again. Rebel was ready. She pushed the vibrator onto her clitoris and held it there. The vibrations almost numbed her clitoris, but her nipples hardened and a tingly feeling started in her legs. For some seconds more Rebel kept the vibrator on her clitoris, but she knew she would not be able to climax like that.

When she was ready she quickly pushed the button on the back of the vibrator again. It went quiet. In the same split seconds she casted it aside and her fingers found her clitoris. They did not stop moving for one second. Rebel was very wet and very close to her orgasm. She knew exactly how to touch herself. Two fingers rubbed over and around her clitoris. She pressed down harder. Her moans were now a constant sound. Her mouth was open. Her head rolled from side to side. Some fluid spurted from her pussy when she climax, leaving some wetness on the seat below her. She cupped her pussy and clamped her legs together around her hands, as the last spasms of her orgasm died down.

Rebel opened her eyes and smiled at the truck driver, who had a huge grin on his face. She turned her head towards her husband, who was looking at her with lust in his eyes.
“Let’s go home,” he smiled and she nodded.
She turned her head back towards the window and blew a kiss towards the truck driver as her husband accelerated the car.

© Rebel’s Notes

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