Highway Fun (1/2)

A fantasy

Sunday afternoon. A bright summer’s day. Rebel was dressed in nothing more than a summer’s dress. Only the smock elastic top of the dress held the fabric up around her body. There were no straps running over her shoulders. And there was nothing underneath the thin material of her dress.

They were on their way back from a visit to friends. The road was busy and several times her husband has cursed because he could not drive as fast as he liked to do. The warm sun burning down on them through the front window made Rebel feel lazy. And horny. She could not decide which of these feelings were stronger.

Without realizing it, she ran her hand over her breasts, feeling the warmth of the material against her skin. Her hand continued down over her stomach and towards her crotch and lap. She rested both her hands in her lap as she watched the traffic around them. Her husband had noticed the movement of his wife’s hands. He slowed down and moved over to the slowest lane.

“Tilt your seat back,” he said.
Rebel looked at him with a question in her eyes.
“I want you to tilt your seat back, pull your dress up so I can see your cunt and pull the dress down so I can see your tits.”
Rebel smiled at him, feeling her pussy twitching. Very slowly she obeyed. She was horny and apparently her husband was too. At least this will make the drive back home a bit more enjoyable, especially with the traffic that was so slow.

Her nipples were hard when she pulled he dress down. Her pussy was wet. The fabric of her dress rested around her waist. She was completely exposed for anyone to see and somehow thankful that her husband was in the slow lane of the highway, behind the trucks. Her husband reached over and pinched her nipples. She moaned softly, arching her back to push her breasts into his hands. Keeping his eyes on the road, he moved his hand over her body towards her pussy. He found her wetness and softly spread it towards her clitoris. Very slowly he moved his fingers around and over her little button, knowing very well that this would only make her hornier than she already was.

Rebel bucked her hips, willing her husband to move quicker and bring her to orgasm. He smiled at her and just kept moving his fingers at the same slow pace as before.
“I would love to have an orgasm,” Rebel said.
“I know you would,” he replied.
The way he said it, it was clear that he was only going to tease her. She sighed, lay back and concentrated on the movement of his fingers. Maybe if he kept it up long enough, she would be able to have an orgasm after all.

But not if he stopped touching her! Her eyes flew open when he removed his hand from her pussy. He kept his eyes on the road. Ahead of them Rebel could just make out the back of a big truck.
“Do you have your vibrator in your bag?” her husband asked.
Rebel always kept a bullet vibrator in her bag. She nodded.
“Yes, I do,” she answered.
“Get it out and bring yourself to orgasm. Spread your legs wide, I want to be able to see what you’re doing,” he smiled.
Rebel grabbed her bag, searched for the vibrator and smiled when she retrieved it from her bag. She moved up against the back of the chair, bent her legs, put her feet together and spread her legs wide. She was half-sitting, half-laying in her seat and just like her husband, she had a clear view of her pussy. Rebel loved looking at herself when she was playing.

First she ran the tip of the bullet vibrator through her wetness, moving it up and down. The tip moved towards her clitoris. She slowly circled it, pressing down harder but not yet turning the vibrator on. Rebel sighed and lay back against the chair. She cupped her breast with her free hand, rolling her nipple between her fingers. The feeling of the hard piece of flesh between her fingers excited her more. But her need centered between her legs. She pressed the button on the back of the vibrator once, letting it vibrate at its lowest setting. They had at least another hour of driving to do and she could just as well make this fun last for the rest of the drive.

Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the vibrations between her legs. She noticed other sensations too: the hardening of her nipples, the warmth of the sun on her legs and loins, the accelerating of the car, her husband’s hand on her stomach. Rebel pushed her hips upwards, meeting the vibrations. Her free hand was spreading her pussy lips. She wanted her husband to see the inner pink of her cunt. Imagining the lust in her husband’s eyes, she climaxed. Rebel turned her head and opened her eyes. Her husband was smiling at her.

“Are you horny, my love?” he asked.
“Oh yes, you know the warmth of the sun on my body makes me fee even hornier,” she smiled.
“I indeed know that. And being watched does that too.”
“I love it when you watch me,” she said.
“I am not the only one enjoying the show,” he smiled.
Rebel looked puzzled at first and then followed his gaze outside.
They were driving next to a big truck and the driver was watching her. When he saw her looking at him, he waved and put his thumb up in the air.

To be continued… Highway Fun (2/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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