Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (6)

This is a detailed description of our second date with Master R. And Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

Continued from… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (5)

I was called over to Dena. She had one half of a double dong inserted into her pussy. I moved as close to her as I could and then inserted the other half in my pussy. We moved towards each other, fucking each others’ pussies. I don’t easily climax with only my pussy stimulated and really wished someone would rub my clitoris. But I just could not speak the words. At that moment I had to think of the last time that I used a double dong and that back then my clitoris was stimulated. But this was only a quick memory. Nothing could keep my attention away from what was happening at that very moment. It was a bit difficult to keep the double dong in both of us. It slipped out at times and then we had to re-insert it.

Dena and I fucking each other with a double dong

We lay back and moving our hips, we fucked each other. Laying down more or less kept the dong in us. I think we both climaxed. I cannot remember that clearly. Some things are a bit hazy. The memory of how much we enjoyed it is not hazy though. Dena lay on her back, the double dong still in both her and me. Her pussy was there, right in front of me. Looking deliciously inviting. I just could not resist. I touched her pussy and spread her lips, finding her clitoris. I had one intention: to make her climax. I rubbed her clitoris. My eyes moved from my fingers to her face, wanting to know that she was enjoying it. I felt triumphant when she climaxed and smiled at the men, feeling intensely happy.

Dena pulled the double dong from her pussy and mine and sat up. We hugged and kissed and softly touched each other, running our hands up and down the other’s body. She pushed me on my back. Her soft mouth touched my pussy lips, licking up and down and around my clitoris without actually touching it. The feeling was intense and I longed to feel her tongue on my clitoris. I sighed when I did. She licked and sucked and flicked her tongue over my hard button. It did not take long for me to climax. Dena crawled towards me and lay down on top of me. I held her close, enjoying the closeness of her body. Only seconds later our legs were kicked apart. We spread our legs wide. Master R. fingered our pussies and then fucked us with the double dong. He tried to insert the dong into both of us, but because it was just a bit too short, the toy kept slipping from our pussies. He continued to finger us.

Dena laying on top of me while Master R. flogs our pussies

The next thing I was aware of was a burning sensation. Over and over again. Dena gasped and I held her tight, trying to comfort her. But I felt the sting too. Thoughts raced through my mind. Was Master R. hitting us with the dong? For a short while I thought that this was the case. But it did not feel like the double dong touching and hurting us. My next thought was that He might be using the condom that was on the one end of the dong as a kind of elastic band to shoot us with. The stinging and burning sensation was intense. Dena and I moaned and gasped and comforted each other while the hurting continued. It was only once we were allowed to rest again that He showed us that He had used the mini flogger on our pussies again.

Again we were allowed to rest. Both of us were now sitting on the couch next to our Masters. I was tired, exhausted and all I wanted to do was to go to bed and sleep. I have to admit that here I had the only moment of the weekend where I was disobedient. In a low voice Master T. asked me whether I didn’t think that it was time to ask Master R. if I may suck Him. I instantly recoiled and shook my head. I mouthed NO and shook my head again. First of all I just did not have the guts to ask it. Why not? Because I did not know whether it was appropriate to ask at that very moment. Or whether Master R. would say yes. And if He said yes, would I be able to do it? I went against Master T.’s wishes, told Him I was so very tired. Looking back on that moment I am thankful that He let me off the hook, that He did not demand of me to execute His wishes. I do not know why He let me off the hook. I know I was disobedient. My tiredness is no excuse not to listen when He asks me to do something.

The next morning I took a shower and was naked when I walked into the lounge area of the house. Dena was already there, as was Master T. Dena and I got things ready for breakfast. There was a moment when Master T., Dena and I were having a conversation. Master T. Looked down at our breasts and pinched our nipples – Dena’s and mine. I liked to see Him doing that. It made me think of a conversation that He and I had earlier during the week, that I feel totally at ease with Master R. and Dena and that I would not mind Master T. to touch Dena or more. Soon after the four of us enjoyed our last breakfast in that house. After breakfast we sat on the couches, reading and relaxing. Even though I seemed calm on the outside, I was feeling restless inside. Was this it? Was it over? Would we be going home that afternoon without anything else happening? Would we be peacefully sitting around all day, reading and relaxing, then get dressed and leave? I had no idea, but I was not going to ask either. I did not dare. I just tried to calm myself down, to tell myself to relax. To accept that the Masters decide what would happen. About an hour after we had breakfast, Master T. told me to stand up, stand in front of Him and spread my legs. He told me I had to have five orgasms. In my mind I thought that those orgasms would calm me down. He told me that I would have another five orgasms with the fairy an hour later.

To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (7)

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