Christmas is coming…

Fifteen days from now Christmas will be upon us. Many of us have long started with our Christmas shopping. Some of us still need gift ideas. What about making this Christmas a sexy one? Oh, I know, if you celebrate Christmas with the family – grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins – well, I guess then it’s better not to make the Christmas too sexy. But maybe you are celebrating Christmas with a special group of friends. And maybe, just maybe you can buy some sexy toys to spice up the holidays.

EdenFantasys, an online sex shop, has a gift center on their website. They have different categories in it:

  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For a Friend
  • For Couples
  • Holiday Themed
  • Gifts under 50 dollars
  • Make your own gift set
  • Give a gift card

Now I can go on and describe several items in those categories. I can tell you about the fun vibrators in the ‘For Her’ section or the cock rings in the ‘For Him’ section. You can look at the holiday themed sweet candy cane glass dildo and consider whether you want to buy this for a friend or I can go ahead and tell you that I have bought myself the Lelo Insignia Tiani 2 and will soon be using it.

But, I am not going to do that, as I got totally distracted when looking at the ‘Sweet and Sexy Gift Center’ of EdenFantasys. In a flash I had this fantasy. I imagined myself in another place, another time. No kids around. No family obligations during Christmas time. Just a group of friends, somewhere in a cabin, together for the holidays. Members of this group of friends have shared sexy times before, sometimes two of them got together, sometimes four of them. But never have all of them been together in the same room at the same time. Never before have their been eight of them – four couples.

After a nice Christmas dinner they relaxed in the lounge of the cabin – on the floor in front of the fireplace. It was Christmas Eve and they were about to unpack the gifts. And when they did, the fun starts. They unpack vibrators and dildo’s and condoms. Clamps and whips and blindfolds. Body cremes and sexy lingerie. Clothes were soon piled onto the couches. The humming of vibrators were soon replaced by the moans and sounds of orgasms. I imagine the four woman tied together on their knees in a circle, asses to the outside. And the men walking around them, spanking them and fucking them – be it with fingers, vibrators or cocks.


I do seem to remember I was talking about the sex toys you can buy from EdenFantasys, right? And that you can buy the toys for Christmas from their sexy Gift Center. And that you might want to plan in a special Christmas dinner with sexy friends to have some hot fun afterwards… oh darn, my thoughts are back in that cabin again. Just imagine how spent and satisfied the eight of them will be after unpacking and trying all the wonderful toys they have bought from EdenFantasys?

Oh, wait, I think I am now getting my fantasy mixed up with facts…

Let me see if I can keep my attention to what I am trying to say!

EdenFantasys really makes an effort to bring a sexy Christmas to your home. Even if you are celebrating with family, you might want to surprise that special woman or man in your life with something outrageously sexy. Hop on over to the Gift Center to find the perfect gift for sexy times! Gift wrap is available on check out, so you can have your gift delivered as a nicely wrapped package.

Do you have no idea at all what toy to buy as a gift for your partner or a friend? Why don’t you give them an EdenFantasys gift card? There are gift cards in the amounts of $25, $50, $75 and $100 – more than enough to choose from! One great thing about the EdenFantasys gift cards: they never expire! Buying a gift card will mean either you or someone else can have their Christmas fun whenever they want!

Whatever you decide to do for Christmas, however you decide to celebrate it, I wish all of you a wonderful time! Be as sexy as you can be amongst family or alone with your loved one. Make it the best and sexiest Christmas you have ever had!

Oh, I feel my thoughts drifting off again…

I know we will be swamped up in family for our Christmas celebrations. But when we go to bed that evening, Master T. and I will be alone. Maybe I should surprise Him this year and dress myself as Santa’s Sweetie or get another costume from the Sexy Lingerie section at EdenFantasys. Just think about the fun we can have if I play out a role as one of Santa’s helpers and pretend that He is Santa. Or maybe that Santa has sent me to be Master T.’s Christmas present.

Ah, wait! Let’s get back to business. Just hop over to EdenFantasys and get your sexy things for a wonderful, sexy Christmas. Enjoy the anticipation while you are planning it! Remember, it’s the season of giving, and what better thing to give than to spread the love and sexiness!

Up to 21 December you can use the following codes to save on your order:
15% off any order: Code CANDY15
20% off orders over $50: Code CANDY20
25% off orders over $100: Code CANDY25
30% off orders over $150: Code CANDY30

And remember: free shipping for all orders over $25.


Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Post sponsored by: EdenFantasys, a sex toy store.

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