Book Review: Under Order by Sadey Quinn

Back in the summer of 2012, I participated in a bloghop hosted by Sadey Quinn and received her book, Social Service. Not long after that I also acquired Under Order, which is the book preceding Social Service. Even though you do not have to read these books in this specific order, I wanted to.

Once I started on Under Order, I could not stop…

The story is about Heather, a young female lawyer who totally concentrated on her work after her relationship ended. She worked long hours and just did not have time to go out. He boss wanted her to take some time off and rest, because he was concerned about her health. Heather decided to make the best of her time off and one of the things she wanted to accomplished was to have sex. She was horny. She called an old friend, Rebecca and together they went to a nightclub. Heather looked around for male prospects with whom she could have something like a one-night stand, but the night took a different turn when she visited the upstairs section of the club. She had a glass of wine there and met Mark. Together they emptied a bottle of wine and started on another. Heather made her advances towards Mark, but he kindly rejected her. However, he told her that he would love to sleep with her… eventually.

What follows is something I can only describe as Heather’s journey into submission. From their first date Mark dominated her, telling her that she’s not allowed to speak or ordering her to give him her panties or fingering her in an expensive restaurant. Heather has quite some uncomfortable moments, but they all excited her. Heather badly wanted to be fucked by Mark, but he had a different agenda than she had.

On their second date, he spoke the words: “I would like you to be my slave.”

Heather wanted to run away, but Mark made her listen to his proposal. And he showed her what would happen if she did not obey him. Mark told Heather about BDSM, slavery and over the course of some weeks, months, he trained her.

There are some interesting twists and turns in the book and certainly it had me reading every day until the end. Sadey Quinn’s writing is easy to read and very descriptive.

I leave you with an excerpt from Under Order and recommend you to read this book.

While you do, I will be reading the next book about Heather, Social Service.


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