Book review: Social Service by Sadey Quinn

Back in the summer of 2012, I participated in a bloghop hosted by Sadey Quinn and received her book, Social Service. Not long after that I also acquired Under Order, which is the book preceding Social Service. Even though you do not have to read these books in this specific order, I wanted to.

Just like when I read Under Order, I could not stop once I have started reading Social Service…

Heather’s story continues where it stopped. She starts her life in Rock Creek. Her life as a slave in the secluded community and her life as a lawyer in Rock Creek’s law firm. All the time her training continues and she is watched by several of the dominants in Rock Creek. These men and women have Mark’s permission to correct Heather when they deem fit and to help Mark train Heather to become a perfect slave.

There are several sections in Rock Creek and slowly Heather gets to know people from the different sections. There is a clear line between the vanilla section and the kinky section and this quite frequently also is the line for being dressed or undressed. Heather becomes friends with some of the other submissives and at a party where the submissives were allowed to be the dominants for one day, Heather and her friends go to far. She ended up with severe punishment in the one section of Rock Creek where no one is allowed to go to freely. Here Heather learns more about herself and her past.

There were moments when I totally choked on my tears while reading this book. You will find the moments in there when you read the book. And there were moments where I had the feeling that I was reading about myself. About being a natural submissive. About having to be told what to do, or rather, preferring to be told what to do. I guess whoever reads this book will be able to find something in there that rings true for them.

I wish I could find a community such as Rock Creek to live in. A place where being kinky is not frowned upon, but seen as something totally natural, just as natural as those who live their vanilla lives. Won’t live be so much nicer if we could just respect each other for our choices – kinky or not.

I leave you with an excerpt from Social Service and recommend you read this book.


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