A simple task… or was it?

We had a quiet day at home and early evening we were settling in for a normal Saturday evening: some music, some tweeting, busy on our laptops… you know, just a normal Saturday evening. Wrong! The evening was far from normal. Where we would mostly not see the kids since they are either busy in their rooms or outside for most of the evening, this evening they sat with us. We talked, we laughed, we had a good time. I love spending time with the kids. But I was also in a conversation with Master T. We used e-mail for that, since the subject was not suitable to be discussed in front of the kids. Somewhere during the evening I noticed that my good mood was more or less gone. I could not place my finger on it. I just knew that I was not feeling it anymore. I was feeling uneasy, not comfortable with myself.

Then, after the kids have gone to their rooms, I received the following words from Master T. in e-mail:

I want you to undress, then stand on your knees in the middle of the room and ask me whether you can get dressed again.

I flipped. Yes, I literally did. In stead of answering His e-mail, I told Master T. that I did not want to do what He told me to do in e-mail. I told Him that I was not feeling well.
“Just do it,” He said.
I just looked at Him but did not move.
“I want you to it now,” He spoke again.
“I am not feeling well,” I whined and looked back at my laptop.
Two things happened at the same time. He spoke, telling me to come to Him and I re-read the words on my screen. It was only then that I really read the last part of His sentence: and ask me whether you can get dressed again.

I already flipped when I have read the first part. In a split second I was very angry with myself. And disappointed. Why was I making such a fuzz about all of this? I should just have gotten up, undressed, kneeled and asked if I could get dressed again. I mean, how difficult is that? I stood up and walked towards Master T. I felt like my feet were made of lead.
“Kneel,” He said and I obeyed without hesitation.
He lifted my chin so I could look at Him. I could only bare to do so for a couple of seconds. I was so angry with and disappointed in myself.
“You know I take into account that you are not feeling well,” He said and I nodded.
“That’s why,” He continued, “I gave you an easy task.”
I nodded again, not looking at Him. He tilted my face towards His and kissed me.
“I want you to do that task now,” He said.

Without hesitation I turned around and started to undress. One by one I put the different items of my clothing on the back of the couch until I was naked. I got down on my knees, my bottom on my feet and my hands resting on my legs. My head was bowed down as I waited.
“Come forward into the light,” Master T. said, “so I can see you properly.”
I moved forward. A couple of minutes passed as I waited some more.
“Come here,” He beckoned.
I crawled towards Him. Standing on my knees in front of Him, He hugged and kissed me. He ran His hands along the sides of my body, cupped my breasts and as He pulled me closer, His hands were on my buttocks.

“I believe there is something you want to ask,” He said.
“May I get dressed again, please Sir?” I asked.
He nodded, hugged me one last time and then released me. I was back on the couch in only a couple of minutes, still feeling very disappointed in myself that I did not just do what He asked of me the moment I received the order from Him.

When I received another e-mail from Him in which He said that I would be punished and whether I agree that it’s fair to be punished, I immediately replied to His e-mail: Yes. I knew that even if I would say that it’s not fair, He would still punish me. But really, I needed to be punished, because I knew I screwed up. I know and should have remembered that Master T. always takes my physical well-being into account and I should have performed my task without hesitation.

This is the punishment Master T. has set for me:

During the day tomorrow you will go to our room 4 times, undress yourself, get on your knees and send me a message to come to you.

I immediately accepted the punishment. It sounded very mild and easy, but I knew this was because He knew I was not well. The punishment was meant for me to do what He expects of me and not for it to hurt.

During the next day I was in our room three times, undressed, wearing only my high heels and waiting for Him to come upstairs after I have sent Him a message. On the first two occasions He told me to stand up. He cupped my breasts, ran His hands down the sides of my body, hugged me, kissed me. Those were very tender moments. The third time I asked Him to come upstairs, He stood behind me where I was kneeling and firmly grabbed my breasts in His hands. He kneaded them in the palms of His hands and pinched my nipples between His fingers. Something seemed to awaken between my legs. Something that had been gone for some days because of my not feeling well. Stupid as it may sound, I was relieved to feel it between my legs, to feel the lust returning.

The fourth and last time that I had to go to the bedroom was postponed by Master T. He wanted me to combine it with us going to bed that evening. I knew this would lead to more than Him only admiring my body or pinching my nipples. And, I longed for it to be more…

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4 thoughts on “A simple task… or was it?

    1. I actually don’t find it hard. The mind frame seems to be there all the time. But exterior factors can make me lash out when I should not. This is something I had all my life.

  1. Isn’t it interesting how, sometimes, our inner frustrations manifest? Reading between the lines of this post (please correct me if I am wrong) it seems that you may have been somewhat frustrated by your tiredness and feeling unwell. When Master T then asked you to do something your frustration manifested as defiance and you lashed out?

    Sometimes the simplest task can be one of the ones that teaches us the most…

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Indeed, I have been somewhat frustrated, both by tiredness and not feeling well. But also because it was just too busy and noise with the kids around while I was not feeling well. So indeed, the frustration manifested at the wrong time and I indeed was defiant.
      And you are right: this task taught me a lot.
      You always understand so well, luv! Thanks for that!

      Rebel xox

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