A photo task

We had a dinner date, Dena and I, back in November 2012. Just the two of us, meeting like we had before – for dinner and lots of talking. The day before the date, Master T sent me an e-mail:

Tomorrow during your date with Dena, you will have your breasts photographed, in a public space.
That is, in the restaurant or outside!

Dena will receive the same task from her Master.


Dena and I had dinner. We talked. We laughed. And yes, we talked about our photo task. We checked the restaurant where we were sitting, but it was not a good place to make the photos. The risk of being discovered was too big. We even joked about just asking someone to make a photo of the two of us together and surprise our Masters with only one photo. But of course, we knew very well that it was not possible to get someone to do this.

When we could not postpone it any longer, we wandered outside. There was a shallow canal close by, but we were disappointed when we saw how much light there was. It was also a lot busier in the street than we thought it would be. Many people chose this street to walk towards the station in stead of the street where the restaurnat was. We spotted a bridge that ran over the canal and right next to it was a huge willow tree.

I suggested we go to the bridge and see whether there was less light there. The closer we came, the clearer it became that there were bright lights on either end of the bridge. There were just too much light all over. There were buildings on either side, there were people walking by and about 200 meters from where we were, we could see people sitting next to the canal. We decided to crouch and flash our tits while the other made a photo. That was the only way we could think of executing this task right there in the city center. The thick logs and branches the bridge was made of could conceal us from most of the eyes around us.



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I was first. I was wearing a T-shirt and have already decided to just pull it down and expose my breasts. That was easier said than done, as the neck of the shirt was not that flexible. I first had to take one breast out and sort of ‘hook’ it over the T-shirt, then the other and then Dena could make the photo. There was a light flash and she was done. It was her turn for a photo, but we had to wait as a young man walked onto the bridge to cross over to the other side. He must have realized that we were doing something that was probably not allowed, because when he reached the other end, he looked back at us. He was just out of sight when we heard more people approaching. They walked by and then at last we had another window of opportunity. Dena pulled her shirt up and I quickly made a photo of Dena’s exposed breasts.

Task executed: photo made in the middle of city center


We were relieved when we walked back to my car. We have done what we had to do! Both Masters had the same comment when we showed them the photos: they could see nothing of the surroundings. That’s why I searched for the photos of the bridge, to show them where the photos have been made.

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