Unexpected Confidentiality

It was Thursday. Every Thursday evening we go out. We have this place we always go to. Sometimes we shop some, sometimes we just go to the bar and have dinner and some drinks. We never know who will be there too and whether we will have nice conversations or not. Sometimes we go home after an hour or so and sometimes we stay there until closing time, forcing ourselves to go home because we have to work the next day.

There are some people that we know we will always see when we are there on a Thursday. The owner of the place, who can converse very well, when in the mood. There’s a couple we love to talk to. And of course, there are the youngster working behind the bar who are always so enthusiastic to tell about their adventures in life. And we have the ones that sit there, sipping their wine too quickly and not able to tell how the evening ended or how they got home. But we tolerate those. People working close-by drop in for a drink during breaks and sometimes we have conversations with them, depending on how much time they have.

It was on this one Thursday evening that the security guard – who we consider a friend – walked in. He has visited us before and there is a bond of confidence between us. He had quite some time to talk and we could see that he was beaming with happiness. He had every reason as he told us that he was so very happy and that his girlfriend would be moving in with him. And, he added, as if he just had to share the news: she’s bisexual. He threw his arms up in the air, in a cheer. I just looked at him, smiling and thinking about my own sexuality. I glanced at Master T. but He said nothing. The security guard continued to share his happiness with us.

I have no idea what was said next, but do remember the moment when the security guard said that he loved to spank his girlfriend during sex. That he likes to dominate and give tasks. Yes, he said, I am dominant. He grinned when he said that. It was at that moment that Master T. looked at me and then smiled at the security guard and gave him a high five. The security guard immediately understood: Master T. is a fellow dominant. Master T. Told the security guard that we are in a D/s relationship. I nodded and smiled at the man across from me, admitting that I am submissive. By then the conversation was almost in whispered tones, so no one else could hear it. There were three people at the bar. Two were in deep conversation and the other had so much wine to drink, that he would not have been able to recall what he had heard that night, if he heard anything. Later we learned that he listened to the conversation of the other two, as he told us that the youngster was telling the girl all kinds of silly things.

The conversation with the security guard continued and at a stage, due to something that was said, I pulled up the only photo I had on my phone with my bruised ass (after our second date with Master R. and Dena. I showed it to Master T. and He immediately knew what I was asking.
“Yes,” He said, “show him,” and then He turned His attention to the security guard, “that happened this past weekend.”
The man nodded, smiling and clearly interested to know more, but work was calling.

He stood up and thanked us for taking him into confidence, telling us that He would love to hear more. He had so many questions, so many things that he wondered about regarding himself and he hoped that we would be able to help him. We did tell him that the next conversation might better be done in our own home and he agreed. Just before he left, he said: I now know this of you, but you are still just the same to me as you always were. Thank you for trusting me.

Both Master T. and I were awed by this turn of events. This is the first time ever we have taken anyone in our circle of friend, acquaintances or family about our lifestyle. Who knows where this might lead to. For now I just look forward to being able to help someone with his questions, to be able to talk to someone we’ve known for so long about something that is very important to us. Who knows, more than just talking might follow somewhere down the road, but for now I am not focusing on that. We first have to get to know them as a couple, as we have not yet met his girlfriend. We have known him for years – Master T. knows him a lot longer than I do. Where I feel quite comfortable around the security guard, I do not feel the level of confidence that I have instantly felt when I met Master R. and Dena. And since I have not yet met the girlfriend of the security guard, I have no idea how I would feel towards her. And that is something that is very important to me: I need to feel confident, accepted, even loved by whoever I engage with sexually.

So yes, indeed, time will tell where this will lead…

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