The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (3/3)

With the fuss around the Fifty Shades trilogy I came across a recommendation to read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I have never heard about it before and once I learned that this is among some of the best BDSM books that have been written, I wanted to read it. I quickly got hold of the e-books and started reading.

Continued from Book 2: Beauty’s Punishment

Book 3: Beauty’s Release

At the end of book 2 Beauty, Tristan and Laurent were kidnapped with three others. The names of the three others were mentioned, but they are not the main characters in this part. Soon the slaves heard that they were on their way to a sultan’s land, where they would serve the rest of their time before they are released. They were told that they would not be allowed to talk. They were going to be treated like pets, like objects. For the duration of their journey to the sultan’s palace they were kept in cages, they were not touched, not sexually released and all of them were highly frustrated and horny once they reached the castle.

In the castle they met their first Master, Lexius. He had to get the new slaves ready for their duties, to be presented by the lords and ladies at the sultan’s palace. In the niches in the hallways, on either side of the doors, around pools and baths and in niches in the garden… everywhere were slaves, draped in cloths but with their genitals, nipples and eyes exposed. They were human sculptures, beautifying the palace of the sultan. Lexius explained that the new slaves, Beauty and her friends, had to distinguish themselves from the others if they did not want to be used as human sculptures too.

Beauty, Tristan and Laurent distinguished themselves. This book has different aspects of BDSM in it. Tristan, who was so deeply in love with his Nicolas back at the village, came to love another Master and did not ever want to go back to Nicolas again. The stronger the master, the happier Tristan was. Beauty of course was also looking for a strong master or mistress, but… no, I am not going to tell you what happened with Beauty at the sultan’s castle, but I can tell you that she feel deeply in love with the strongest master she could imagine to have.

Another aspect of BDSM in this book is switching from slave to master and back to slave again. Two of the main characters switched their roles and does so beautifully. With dignity. The scenes are full of love. Of tenderness and pain. Of giving and receiving. Of loving and being loved.

Something else that is addressed in the book is when a slave is released from his or her service. There are such intense emotions that go with this. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. And I just love, simply LOVE, the way the trilogy ends.

I am so happy that I have read this trilogy after the disaster called 50 Shades of Grey. There are now three books on my short list of BDSM books I recommend you to read:

1. Story of O. by Pauline Réage
2. Subtext by Kate Marley
3. Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice

Happy reading and would love to hear your comments!


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