The Concert

Many, many… yes, many years back I went to a concert of Bad Boys Blue. They were on a world tour and I was privileged enough to go to one of those concerts. I was much younger than I am now, but just as naughty. My companion for the evening was my boyfriend at that time – he was four years younger than I was and not entirely as naughty as I was!

The concert was everything that I had expected of it and more. I loved seeing the boy group and I loved sharing it with someone I loved. However, that evening there also was a sexual tension between us. At first I thought that I was the only one who felt the tension, the only one who was horny. There were no chairs, so we had to stand and he was standing behind me. It took me a while before I realized that he was deliberately pressing his cock against me and not just accidentally brushing up against me. I looked up at him and his kiss totally confirmed to me that he was horny too.

When the concert was over it took us a while to get out of the building and find the car on the huge parking area. Once in the car, the sexual tension was still present. It put me in a daring mood. The drive home would take about half an hour. The first I got rid of was my boots. He did not pay much attention to this. That changed when I took off my jeans. It was very clear that he had to constantly remind himself to watch the traffic. I kept my panties on, but slipped my shirt off. His head kept on turning – watching the road, then looking at me… or rather, my body.

I slipped my hands behind my back to unclasp my bra. For a moment he totally forgot to concentrate on the road. My bra dropped to my lap; my arms were crossed over my boobs. He could not see much because of this and also because it was dark outside. His attention was again divided equally between the road and me. It was a good thing that we were on the highway, as it might otherwise have led to an accident. We were very close to home when I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my panties. His eyes grew big as I pushed my panties down towards my ankles and took them off. I had to remind him to watch the road again, as he could not keep his eyes off me.

All my clothes were down on the floor of the car. I was naked. As he turned into my street and I realized I had to get out, I put my boots back on. I was still in a very horny mood and cared very little if any of the neighbours would see me. When he stopped in front of the gate, I swiftly opened my door and jumped out of the car. He started to say something, but I was already running around the car towards the front gate. I threw it open. By now his door was open and he tried to catch me as I passed through the gate. Giggling I ran away towards the corner of the house. I disappeared from his view. I ran around to the back of the house. It was very dark out there.

As I sat on the stairs at the back door, I heard him calling out for me. Adrenaline raced through my body. I could hear my heart beat in my ears and I could feel the wetness seeping from me. He came closer, softy calling my name. The closer he came, the harder it was not to giggle. He was right in front of me, but did not see me! A kind of hissing sound escaped as I tried not to laugh. He turned his head. His hands were stretched out as he walked closer. Then he saw and felt me. His lips were on mine in a second. Horniness controlled our actions.

His hands were all over me. He groped at my tits, squeezing them, fondling them. He found the wetness between my legs and dipped his fingers into it. He pulled his fingers out and pushed one hand against each of my thighs, spreading my legs. His fingers slipped inside me again, fucking me. Still he was not satisfied. His movements were urgent. Impatient. He pulled his fingers out of me and grabbed me around the middle. In one swift movement he had me turned around on my knees, my head pressed against the back door. It was an awkward position to be in but before I could move, he had pulled his pants and underpants down and his cock entered me.

My teasing seemed to have driven him totally wild. He was not paying any attention to me or my comfort anymore, but pounding away very hard inside my wet pussy. I felt his balls slapping against me. His fingers were digging into the flesh on my hips as he pulled me closer to meet his thrusts. He grunted. He swore. He breathed hard. He fucked me deep and relentless. This was not lovemaking. This was pure copulation. Mother Nature had taken hold of his body and gave him mine to satisfy his primal needs. Selfishly horny he concentrated only on his own needs. With a wolfish howl he exploded deep inside me.

Not a word was said between us as he picked me up and carried me back towards the front door and into my bedroom…

© Rebel’s Notes

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