#sexbloggersare …

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Sex bloggers are…

  • Honest
  • Talented
  • Diverse
  • Real people

Those were the answers that I have given to the hashtag, which was started by @writesexright after Zoe Margolis and her blog have been called “the blogging equivalent of flashing in the park” by the chair of the panel she was contributing to at the Mumsnet Blogfest.

You can read blog posts in reaction this comment here and here and here.

My reaction to the above is an open letter to any accidental visitor to my blog:

Dear Accidental Visitor,

Somehow you have stumbled across my blog and here you are, looking at the background image on the left, where I am showing my naked breasts. Shocked? Stop and think! Are you going to stay and read or are you going to just leave and forget what you have seen? This is YOUR choice. I am not here to force you to read my blog. You can just click the white cross in the red block to the top right of your screen. Go on, if you are appalled by the photo, just click this and move on. If you are interested to read, I thank you in advance for reading my words with an open mind.

If you still do not know whether you want to stay or move on, just continue to read this letter… and in the end the choice will still be yours.

Please remember, I am a real person. I have a real life, a real relationship, a real family, real thoughts and real feelings. I am just as human as you are and not a freak for telling the world about my sex life. This is my blog and all words are my own. All feelings and thoughts I write about are real. I write about my fears, my excitement, my nervous moments, my victories. I write about the growth in our relationship, my growth. I share them in all honesty. If my words can help one person out there, it makes me happy. I read the words of other sex bloggers, because those words can help me understand myself better. Yes, I have indeed learned a lot from other sex bloggers and I have also asked them for advice on several occasions. You see, this sex blogging community is a tight and loving one. We welcome people with open arms, with love, respect and friendship.

I work hard to keep this blog up and I feel welcome in the sex blogging community. I have been welcomed in with open arms. You don’t have to be a blogger if you want to be part of this community. You just have to be yourself, be honest, be respectful of others. We do not talk about sex all day. Oh no, we talk about things we heard on the news, about politics, about religion, about books we have read, about family, about things that make us happy and about things that makes us sad. Yes, just like all those other ‘normal’ people, we talk about all those things too. Because, you know, we are normal too! We are normal, but we are also very open about our kinks. Does this allow anyone to describe us as ‘not normal’? Does this make us less of a person than those who do not blog about sex? Well, I don’t think so.

So, dear Accidental Visitor, before you think about condemning me for having a sex blog, just stop and think some more. Would you condemn someone who blogs about her kids? Would you condemn someone who has a food blog? Would you condemn someone who posts art on a blog? Would you condemn someone who blogs about religion or politics? If not, why in the world would you condemn someone with a sex blog? It really is just another subject to write about. Just make your choice: stay or leave. I will never force you to read my words, so if you leave… well, no hard feelings. And if you choose to stay, I hope you enjoy what you read and that you will be back frequently to read more. Feel welcome, and if you have any questions, just let me know.

Rebel xox

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “#sexbloggersare …

  1. Brilliant. You have captured this so well and should any new visitor stumble across your blog read this they will be clear on what you write about!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Thank you hun. I think I should add this open letter to my ‘About’ page, which definitely is on the nomination to be changed 🙂

      Rebel xox

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