On 7 November I posted about my Husband wanting me to have five intimate piercings, instead of the three that I have at this moment. In the same blog post I said that I want to do this, for Him. Yes, I want the piercings too, but I would not mind if we wait very long before it happen and maybe never do it. I still remember the pain of the first two inner labia piercings very well, even though it’s been almost two years ago.

Master T. read the blog post. He was at home that day and as always, we were sending each other one-liner e-mails all through the day. We do this when He is at work too. In e-mail He mentioned that He has read the blog post about the piercings. I had two questions for Him, but I wanted to wait until I knew that He has read my words. I sent Him this:

Can you give me some more time to get used to the idea? Maybe you can set an ultimatum, a final date by which I have to have it done?

I received the following:

That is fine. Start to get used to it directly. I want you pierced five times before 1.12.2012

Somehow I misread that as 1 January. Don’t ask me how that happened. It was only that evening when I came home that He set me straight about the date. I realized then that I had 2,5 weeks in which to prepare myself mentally for the second set of inner labia piercings as well as having it done.

Our conversation about the fourth and fifth piercing continued. To me this last two piercings have a bigger impact than any of the others I had since I know Master T. I wanted my clitoral hood piercing and was very excited to go there and have it done. This was done the day just after Master T. and I started living together. And I wanted the first two inner labia piercings because I thought that it was so very sexy. To me these three piercings are enough. But I know Master T. wants me pierced again. He has wanted this for a long time and frequently told me this.

These last two piercings are symbolic. Because He wants it, I want it too. This does not make me less nervous. To me it’s His way of claiming me as His property. With the piercings He is confirming that I am His property. Normally when I express doubts about something, He would give me the time to think about it and would only have it done once I am totally ready for it. This time He is setting the pace, claiming me as His. Yes, these last two piercings are more symbolic than the other three and just like my tattoo, is symbolic to His ownership. I will have it done and I will be proud when it’s done. Proud that I have done it and proud that I went through the intense pain for Him.

The next day, just after work, I made the call to make an appointment to be pierced.

On 25 November at 1pm, I will be in the city center, going to the shop where all my piercings and tattoos have been done. I will drop my pants, get on the chair, lie back, spread my legs and wait. I will feel the coldness of the disinfectant, will feel the slight pain when the put the clamps on there and then the burning sensation when the needle goes through my flesh. And I will feel that a second time. Will I close my eyes? Or will I look at Master T.? Will I moan with pain or will I be quiet? I have no idea… but I know that when we leave the shop, I will be proud that I have done it. And I will know and feel once again that I am forever His…

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2 thoughts on “Ownership

  1. Oh I know those feelings so well, each of my piercings has been wanted, because he wanted it…reading this I want more…You are very lucky to be able to be marked as his like this.

    1. I am still a bit terrified of the idea, but I know I will go and have it done, because this is important to Him. And because it is, and because I am not opposed to the idea, but just nervous of doing it, it is important to me too 🙂

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