More intimate piercings…

In the last weeks I have blogged about piercings twice, once where I mentioned that Master T. would love me to have five intimate piercings and then I did a post about Him claiming me as His property by setting an ultimatum to have my inner labia pierced before 1 December 2012.

I made the appointment for 25 November at 1pm.

We arrived at the shop half an hour before the appointment. It was stormy outside, so in stead of doing some window shopping, we went into the piercing shop. I was handed a form to fill and and by 12.40 the beautiful young lady told me that she was ready. I was not so sure whether I was, but I followed her. As soon as she has closed the curtain around us, I undressed my lower half and got up onto the chair that was in a horizontal position. She asked me to hang my legs over the sides of the chair. Ah, yes, I thought, that’s how I had to lay with my legs the last time too.

She sterilized the area where she had to work. Whatever she was applying was feeling cold and a bit stingy on my tender bits. I looked up at Master T. who was standing right beside me and He gently squeezed my hand. The lady handed me a mirror to explain where she could and could not pierce. To the top of the two inner labia piercings I already had was not an option, as it would be uncomfortable when the rings fight to find their places. She suggested to do it below the first set. I agreed, since she is the professional and I felt she would know best.

She proceeded to put ink on the spots where she would soon pierce me. Again she handed me a mirror to check whether I was happy with the placing. All the time she was explaining what she was doing to another girl who was in training to do intimate piercings. This was kind of nice, as we heard exactly what they looked for, how they decided to do the placing, etc. I was happy with the placing – as said, she’s the professional and knows best, but of course if I was not happy, I would have said it.

I watched her reflection in the mirror on the wall as she put elastic bands around the clamp that she would soon put on my inner labium. I seemed to remember that the clamp was a bit painful too, but it felt okay once it was on.
“Do you want me to warn you for the pain or do you just want me to do it?” she asked.
“Oh darn,” I laughed, “I don’t know.”
She laughed too, while I felt her fingers between my legs.
“Breathe in deep,” she said and suddenly I remembered that this was the moment where she would pierce me.

I breathed in deep and at the same time clamped my legs to the chair and squeezed Master T.’s hand hard.
“Arghhhh” I moaned as the pain exploded between my legs. I grunted some more as she pushed the ring of the piercing through and clicked the ball in place. Only when her hands stopped touching me and only the burning sensation remained, I exhaled. Master T. softly touched my cheek.

The lady was already busy at the counter and I asked her to give me a minute. The other lady offered me a glass of water and I gladly accepted. Not because I felt I needed it, but I just wanted some time to relax. I remembered that the last time the two piercings followed very close to each other and that I had wished I had more time to just relax again.

I lay back again after several minutes and breathed in a couple of times.
“Are you ready for the next one?” the woman asked and I nodded.
“No, but let’s get it over with!”
Master T. glanced at His watch.
“It’s not even 1pm yet,” He said.

The second clamp felt tighter than the first one. I said it and after she have adjusted it a bit, it felt better. Just like the first time she took a flashlight and checked the skin. She had explained to the other girl that it is too see whether there’s not too many tiny capillaries running through the skin, which will cause too much bleeding. This piece of skin was good to go too.

“Okay, breathe in once more,” she said and almost instantly I felt the sting. Again I moaned audibly and groaned afterward as she put the piercing through the freshly pierced piece of skin and put the ball in it. She gently wiped away the blood with a nice cool liquid. I breathed out, realizing that I was still holding my breath and squeezing Master T.’s hand. I opened my eyes and saw Him looking down at me. There was approval in His eyes.

Once we were outside, I smiled up at Him.
“Good girl,” He said and I beamed.
The burning sensation between my legs went on for hours, but I felt happy. I did this for Master T. more than I did it for myself. I belong to Him: 100%

And of course, that evening we had to make photos, just like we did the day before. Something that was different from the first time that I had my inner labia pierced almost two years ago, was that the bleeding stopped very quickly.

And where before these piercings I was concerned that it might be to crowded ‘down there’, I was satisfied after only a short time that this would not be the case.

Now we just have to wait for the piercings to heal so we can have some sexy fun with it!

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13 thoughts on “More intimate piercings…

  1. Ooh Rebel..

    Reading this did all sorts of recoiling, goosebumpery things to my body.. but, HUGE kudos to you for going through with it. You’re unbelieveably loyal and quite an amazing woman.

    Pea ~x~

  2. I was tensing up a bit reading this and holding my breath! You are a brave woman. I think it looks fantastic and if I had the guts maybe I will. I would love to get mine done!

  3. Just beautiful!
    I’m itching to return to the piercing shoppe for my next installment (waiting because I don’t want it to interfere with Sir and I getting together).

    ~Kazi xxx

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