I’ve been tasked… prelude

On the last day of October my Husband and I were both sitting behind our laptops. The kids were around and those are the times when He and I revert to email. Normally I am the one who starts up a conversation, but totally unexpected this evening, He sent me an email.

The subject line simply said: Task.

The message was:

This week still you have to mail M. To ask him the following:
– what he thought of the movie I sent him;
– whether he thinks you were acting horny enough or whether you could have come across hornier
– what he wants to see you do in the next movie

I gulped. I knew my Husband sent out photos and videos of me to a select group of people (mostly those we have met in person) and I really don’t mind that He does. Hey, I am an exhibitionist. But asking for someones opinion on whatever they have seen of me… well that is a whole different piece of cake. At the best of times I do not like to see moving images of myself, let alone ask opinions about them.

Pondering what I would write (I had two days to decide) I put some tweets on Twitter:


And received some responses, which definitely helped me. Because yes, My Husband will not task me if He did not think I would be able to handle it. And if He did not want me to learn from the experience.




The following day I sent the M. the e-mail. Actually, I wrote the text in it the evening before, just after the above tweets were placed and received. I left the composed e-mail up on my screen and returned to it frequently, making sure that what I have put in there was in line with what Master T. wanted, and that I don’t sound silly in any kind of way. I programmed the e-mail to be sent at 5.15pm the next afternoon – hey, I did not want to look eager by sending it immediately!

On my way home the next afternoon, I thought about something I wanted to change in the e-mail. I glanced at the time and realized that it was past 5.15pm because I ran into some heavy traffic on my way home. There was a chance that I would not be able to stop the e-mail from being sent, but I was going to try. And I did. But, the mail was gone before I could stop it.

An hour and a half later I had a reply from M.
Yes, he liked the movie that Master T. had sent.
Yes, he liked to see how horny I was in the movie, but he thought that I could have made a better job of it.
And then he described in detail what he wanted me to do in the next movie.

I forwarded the e-mail to Master T. His reply was that I should send M. an email back, telling Him that I accept the task that he has set me. I did… and started to get nervous about the execution of this task.

To be continued…

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